Upadhyaksha Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Upadhyaksha, the latest offering from director Anil Kumar T M, hits the screens like a burst of confetti – vibrant, loud, and brimming with an infectious energy that's hard to resist. Released in January 2024, this Kannada film promises a laugh riot with a dash of social satire


Chikkanna, the king of comedy, holds court as Narayana, the titular Vice President. He owns the screen with his impeccable comic timing, effortlessly switching between slapstick and situational humor. Malaika Vasupal brings a refreshing charm as Maya, Narayana's love interest, while veterans like P. Ravi Shankar and Sadhu Kokila add seasoned wit and memorable cameos. The supporting cast shines, creating a lively ensemble that complements the protagonists flawlessly.


Anil Kumar T M navigates the comic chaos with a steady hand. He knows when to let the humor simmer and when to crank up the heat, ensuring a consistent flow of giggles throughout the film. The pacing is brisk, keeping the energy high without sacrificing character development or emotional beats.


Chandra Mohan's script strikes a delicate balance between slapstick and social commentary. On the surface, it's a hilarious ride through Narayana's misadventures as the Vice President. But beneath the laughs, the film subtly critiques nepotism, power dynamics, and the importance of community. While some might find the message a bit light-handed, it's woven seamlessly into the narrative, never feeling preachy or forced.


Shekar Chandru's music is the lifeblood of the film. The songs are catchy and energetic, perfectly capturing the film's mood and setting. Tracks like "Upadhyaksha Song" and "Maya Maya" are sure to stay with you long after the credits roll.

Upadhyaksha Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Reasons to Watch:

* Unleash Your Inner Child: Upadhyaksha is a laugh-a-minute riot, with Chikkanna's impeccable comic timing and slapstick humor guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.
* Beyond the Giggles: While the film is hilarious, it also subtly addresses relevant social issues like nepotism and community responsibility, adding depth to the narrative.
* Catchy Tunes: Shekar Chandru's music is a treat, with foot-tapping beats and melodious tunes that enhance the cinematic experience.
* Familiar Flavors, Fresh Appeal: Upadhyaksha blends classic comedic setups with contemporary themes, making it relatable and engaging for audiences of all ages.

Upadhyaksha's message isn't earth-shattering, but it's heartwarming nonetheless. It reminds us of the power of community, the importance of questioning the status quo, and the joy of living life to the fullest, even amidst challenges.

Upadhyaksha is a delightful cinematic experience that tickles your funny bone while subtly provoking thought. It's a feel-good film that celebrates community, challenges societal norms, and reminds you to find laughter even in the face of adversity. Whether you're looking for a lighthearted escape or a film with a touch of social awareness, Upadhyaksha is a worthy watch. Just grab your popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be entertained.

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