Kappu Bilupina naduve Kannada movie review,trailer,songs

“Kappu Bilupina Naduve” is a compelling horror thriller that successfully intertwines social issues with the genre’s traditional elements. Vasanth Vishnu’s directorial debut is a bold statement on the power of storytelling and its ability to reflect societal complexities. The film’s naturalistic approach and the performances of the cast make it a standout addition to Kannada cinema. For those who appreciate a film that challenges perceptions and offers a spine-tingling experience, “Kappu Bilupina Naduve” is a must-watch.

Reasons to Watch:

  1. The film offers a unique blend of horror with social commentary, focusing on the impact of superstition versus scepticism.
  2. Featuring Vasanth Vishnu, Biradar, Naveen Raghu, Harish, and Vidyashree, the cast brings authenticity to this thrilling narrative.
  3. It delves into the role of social media influencers, exploring the thin line between positive impact and the pursuit of fame.
  4. Set in the secluded village of Devaragiri, the story revolves around a haunted road and a group of YouTubers determined to uncover the truth.

Message and Lessons:

  • The movie navigates the delicate balance between superstition and scepticism, delving into the depths of human belief and resilience.
  • It highlights the social responsibility of influencers and the potential of social media as a force for societal good.
  • The narrative symbolizes the struggle to confront both literal and metaphorical shadows, advocating for the triumph of light over darkness.

Kappu Bilupina naduve Kannada movie review,trailer,songs

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