Appa I Love you Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Appa I Love You, is a poignant family drama that explores the complexities of a father-son relationship. The story unfolds with Dharmanna, a widower who is mistreated by his daughter-in-law after his son abandons him. The narrative takes a turn when Dharmanna's friends decide to fight for his rights, leading to a courtroom battle.

Atharv Arya's directorial debut is a sincere attempt to shed light on the challenges faced by senior citizens. While the subject is relevant, the execution is somewhat conventional, lacking the depth that could have made the film stand out. The film's screenplay is straightforward, with a predictable storyline that culminates in a courtroom drama.

The film touches upon the sensitive issue of elder abuse and abandonment.Tabla Nani delivers a strong performance as Dharmanna, bringing authenticity to his character.It brings attention to the legal rights of senior citizens. The film may resonate with viewers who appreciate family-oriented stories. Appa I Love You,  imparts valuable lessons on respecting and caring for the elderly. It emphasizes the importance of familial bonds and the need for society to protect the dignity of its senior members.

Appa I Love you Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

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