Marigold Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Marigold is a Kannada crime thriller that delves into the lives of a group of criminals aiming for a big score. Set against the backdrop of post-demonetization chaos, the film follows Krishna and his gang as they plan a heist to steal gold biscuits from corrupt police officers.

Diganth Manchale, known for his romantic roles, takes a gritty turn as Krishna, the mastermind criminal. Sangeetha Sringeri portrays Sonu, a bar dancer with her own unique take on love. Yash Shetty and Cockroach Sudhi deliver commendable performances, adding depth to the ensemble.

Raghavendra M Naik’s direction is a fresh take on the crime thriller genre, focusing on smart dialogue and suspenseful storytelling. The screenplay by Raghu Niduvalli is dialogue-driven, interspersed with punchy lines that keep the narrative engaging. Music composed by Veer Samarth, supports the film’s atmosphere adequately.

Some of the reasons to Watch - Diganth Manchale’s new avatar as a criminal mastermind. The film’s unique take on the heist genre, with a focus on dialogue and character development.
The chemistry between the lead actors, which adds to the film’s dynamic. Marigold subtly comments on the pursuit of quick money and the moral dilemmas that come with it. The film suggests that shortcuts to wealth can lead to unforeseen complications, emphasizing the value of honesty and hard work.It’s a commendable effort by the director and cast, making it a worthy watch for fans of crime thrillers.


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