Desai Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Desai, directed by Nagi Reddy Bada, is a recent Kannada film that released in 2024. Set against the backdrop of Bagalkot in North Karnataka, the movie explores a familiar trope - a family rift spanning generations. The movie features newcomers Praveen and Radhya in the lead roles. Praveen, showcasing promise in his second film after Love 360, portrays a selfless protagonist named Praveen. Radhya plays Anupama, a yoga practitioner and the daughter of a priest. Veteran actors might have added more weight to the family dynamics, but the fresh faces deliver earnest performances.

Director Nagi Reddy Bada attempts to weave a story that combines family drama, action, and revenge. Desai might appeal to those seeking a light family drama with a North Karnataka setting. The film's portrayal of traditional oil-making, a mainstay of the Desai family's occupation, offers a glimpse into the region's cultural practices.  Praveen's and Radhya's performances hold promise, and fans of these new actors might want to see their work.

While Desai might not break new ground narratively, it does offer a familiar message about the importance of family unity and overcoming past conflicts. The film highlights the value of tradition and the resilience of communities.

Desai Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

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