Evidence Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

"The Evidence" weaves an intriguing tale of suspense and mystery, centered around an investigation that unfolds like a complex game of chess. While the premise holds promise, the execution falls short in certain aspects, leaving room for improvement.

The film begins with a series of murders, each serving as a prelude to the central mystery. The first piece of evidence—a camera and a stethoscope found in a bag—sets the stage for an intricate unraveling. Priya Ramakrishnan (played by Manasa Joshi), an investigative officer with a mysterious past, is called back to take up the case. Her prime suspect is Doctor Kevin (portrayed by Robo Ganesan), who becomes the linchpin in this enigmatic puzzle.

Director Praveena CP takes a unique approach by focusing primarily on two characters: the investigator and the suspect. Their interactions mirror the strategic moves in a game of chess. However, intermittent songs and a backstory detailing the doctor's life occasionally disrupt the flow , movie attempts to break the monotony of traditional investigative thrillers. PKH Das's cinematography adds to the film's atmosphere.

The investigation unfolding through chess moves keeps viewers engaged. Focusing on just two characters sets "The Evidence" apart. Viewers can reflect on the complexities of deception, the importance of evidence, and the delicate balance between truth and misdirection. Sometimes, the most critical clues are hidden in plain sight.

Evidence Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

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