Jigar Kannada movie review , trailer , songs

Jigar, directed by Suri Kunder in his debut venture, is a recent Kannada action drama that offers a mix of thrilling fight sequences, a touch of romance, and a social message.

The film rests on Praveen Tej's shoulders. He delivers a commendable performance, convincingly portraying Jeeva, the protagonist who transforms from a struggling loan recovery agent to a man driven by circumstance. As the leading lady, Vijayashree provides able support with her screen presence. Veteran actors Vinaya Prasad and Yash Shetty, along with Raja Balwadi, flesh out their supporting roles effectively.

If you're a fan of action-packed Kannada cinema, Jigar delivers well-choreographed fight scenes that showcase Praveen Tej's physical prowess. The film benefits from its beautiful coastal Karnataka backdrop, offering a visual escape for the audience. Jigar attempts to convey a message about the cyclical nature of violence and the impact of criminal activities on families.

The film highlights the importance of making the right choices in life, even when faced with difficult circumstances. It underscores the value of family and the devastating consequences violence can have on loved ones.

Jigar Kannada movie review , trailer , songs

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