Sri Ksethra Mukthi Naga Temple , Bangalore

It was a bright hot sunday when we visited the Mukthi Naga temple in the outskirts of Bangalore city .  After a long journey of 25kms from the city , our long desired wish is achieved !!

This place hosts a 30 feet Naga and Sri Subramanya Idol.

Mukthi Naga Temple gopuram

Lord Subramanya Idol 

Stage for devotees to offer Abhisheka to the Idol

Aadi Muktha naga temple , Patalamma temple, 1008 nagas

Temple gopuram , hall construction work is still in progress. Best time to visit this temple would be early in the morning or at evening. We had to sweat a lot at noon :(

Places to visit here -
- Varasiddhi vinayak temple
- Mukthi naga Big idol
- Lord Subramanya Big Idol
- Aadhi Mukthi Naga
- Patalamma Temple & 1008 naga idols

This place is surrounded by village farms . So place is quite cool.