Chanakya Neethi - part 1

Chanakya Neethi - Part 1 - quotes

1) A wise person will come to grief if he does the unwise acts of giving good advice to a foolish pupil. looking after a woman of loose character and keeping the company of a sad one who has lost his fortune

2) It is a living death to stay in a house where there is an evil natured , badmouthing woman of low morals , or a cunning and deceitful friend , or an impolite talkative servant , or a possibility of the presence of a snake.

3) For the bad days one should save money. Woman should be protected even if it takes the money saved. But for self-preservation , the money and the woman should be sacrificed if required.

4) For hard times and to deal with troubles, a man must protect his wealth because the one who has money , he can overcome hurdles easily. The money , if not protected slips away fast.

5) Do not live in a country that does not allow you , self respect , honor , means of living , a family , kith and kin, friends , well  wishers , ways of education and self-development, Quit such country . It is not fit for living.

6) A man should not make a place his home where there are no , prosperous people , soldiers, scholarly Brahmins, a king , river and physicians.

7) The testing times of the following are as , the wife when the money is gone, the friend in the time of need , the relatives in times  of crisis and the servants when they are assigned a mission. In such times they show their true faces.

8) A real brother is one stands by , in the period of grave illness, in times of misfortune , during famines or invasions by enemy , in royal court and in death. He will stick through thick and thin.

9) The one who runs after an uncertain object leaving the certain one , does not get any. He loses the both.

10) A wise man must marry a girl of high breed even if she is ugly to look at. He should not fall for a girl of low upbringing however beauteous she may be . The best course is to marry in the family of equal status.

11) If there is nectar in poison , accept it. If there is precious metal or object in filth, retrieve it. If a low breed man has some good knowledge , wisdom , art or quality , imbibe it. If a woman born to a family of disrepute turns out to be a lady of high qualities , possess such a gem.

12) Only great penance can earn one , the rich food to eat , a good digestive power to dispose it , a beautiful woman for wife , and virility to ravish her and riches with charitable disposition to use the money for good causes.

13) This very earth is heaven for those whose son is obedient , the wife is faithful and whose own heart is content with that money he has got.

14) The true son is one who is obedient to his father , a true father is one who looks after his son. similarly true friend is one who is trustworthy and true wife is one who makes her husband happy.

15) A friend who talks flatteringly sweet things overtly but covertly tries to harm should be gotten rid of without any delay. He is like a pot that is filled with poison but is topped with cream to deceive.

16) Those parents are worst enemies of their children , who do not teach them letters and educate them. Because an uneducated person is spurned in the assembly  of the learned people. He is total misfit as a crane is in the flock of stately swans.

17) Too much indulgence spoils a child , Rebuke and cane helps in the development of the child . So , the children and the students must be kept straight through the use of stick and rebuke. Don't indulge them.

18) Never let any day go without some study of a written word. One should make his day fruitful by doing some good work and study.

19) One who befriends a person of a bad character, a person of bad intentions , a person who is sinner or a person who lives at an evil place , gets destroyed in quick time.

20) The following things burns a man without fire and silently eat him, the separation from wife , contempt by kith and kin , serving an evil master , indebtedness, poverty and living among selfish and rogue people.