Sleep well , What you should do to get a good sleep

Possible reasons why you may not get sleep

  1. Body Aging
  2. Weakness in Body
  3. Wounds in the body
  4. Tension , Pressure, Depression , Anger 
  5. Late night works
Symptoms - Body pain , Head ache, Yawning , Indigestion , dizziness , laziness 

What to do if you want a healthy sleep,

  1. Practice regular exercises. Exercises not only keep you fit and help in proper functioning of organs
  2. Do not sleep in the morning hours
  3. Do not sleep immediately after having a good meal
  4. Do not drink tea , coffee before going to sleep
  5. Do not drink liquor to get sleep !!
  6. Do not practice watching TV, reading books while on bed
  7. Sleep in a dark peaceful comfortable place
  8. Practice sleeping at right time and getting up at right time.
Everyday you should sleep for 7 to 8 hours to avoid problems later. A proper sleep keeps you mind relaxed , fresh & healthy.