A story on Gubbi Veeranna professionalism

Gubbi Veeranna played an important role in developing Kannada Art theatres. During his days, contribution to theatres was enormous and was at the height of success. Of those his “KuruSkethra” skit is one of the most popular ones. The costumes, casting, theatre stage setup for this skit  was very elegant. The skit play used to be so effective that one may feel the real kuruskethra is happening on the stage live. The celebrations, thrill which this skit play used to generate was enormous , such a performance never would be reproduced in future. It was very popular among mass.  Based on requests to perform this skit in Andhra Pradesh, stages were setup there in Telugu language also and got praises from the mass there. It was so effective that , the news spread and reached the Nizam of Hyderabad (Nawab / King of few territories) .

The Nizam was very curious to view this Skit and decided to make arrangements in his palace. He informed his subordinates to personally invite Gubbi Veeranna to perform with his team at the palace. Gubbi Veeranna denied this request saying, “It would be very difficult to arrange the stage at palace and requires lot of preparations, hence it would be nice if the Nizam and his subordinates themselves come over to the theatre and experience the skit. We would make necessary arrangements such that their family can enjoy the skit”. 

Hearing to this Nizam would have felt angry, but still his curiousness to view the skit kept him going. The sub-ordinates were worried whether Veeranna would be able to greet the Nizam properly and in right manners. As scheduled, on one day , the Nizam visited with his family to Gubbi Veeranna Skit stage and was astonished to see the preparations made for him.

The place where Nizam car would park was greeted with a red carpet , On the carpet sides the skit cast artists who had worn traditional dress greeted Nizam’s family members hovering scented flowers .  Later at front musicians greeted with bands & traditional music. The Nizam and his family were surprised and astonished for this unexpected respect.

Later the Nizam watched the full skit with concentration. Once the skit play was over , he praised whole heartedly Gubbi Veeranna and his team performance. On the same stage he dictated Gubbi Veeranna as “Karanataka Andhra Nataka Sarvabouma” and arranged a ceremony & greeted him with due respects

Such was the professionalism of Gubbi Veeranna. We have not come across such incidents later after the demise of this great person.  Veeranna’s commitment towards work , overcoming problem skills, Patience , Intelligence , work professionalism acts were legendary. If anyone develops the same characters in their respective work nature, they are sure to come out as great stars.