An inspiring story - Run from Heart , not legs

A young guy completed his engineering studies. He had an aim to join army. He attended the army exams , got passed and joined the army.  He was made to join a crew group of other new joiners. In that crew , not only engineers , others who had took training from National force had also joined. Some with 3 to 4 years experienced also had joined. They were well versed in physical training.

The next day the commander in charge of the crew called for a training session. He ordered the crew to run for 10 kms at stretch. The engineer also joined the sprint with spirit. Initially the pace was good till 1 km and later he started getting tired, at one stage he started feeling knee pain, and at some stages felt he would break down. His fellow members kept running with ease. He still kept on adding strengths. The commander was also following the crew . They noticed the plight of this engineer. They too paced up and joined the engineer for assistance. He patted on the engineer’s back and said “Well done my Boy ! Run , till now you had run with your legs , now you start running with your heart” and moved on. These words strengthened the engineer’s mind. Later not sure what happened to him , he went on and completed the march of 10 kms. Even now when he is feeling tired, bored he remembers those words from commander and gets motivated. 

What body cannot do, mind has the capacity to drive body to do it. When our body gets tired, our own set limits get reached, the mind gets activated to achieve more. 

This story also resembles Colonel Sanderson way of success. He was working in a small hotel making few chicken dishes. He always was proud of himself that no one in the city could make delicious chicken items which he can prepare. He had experienced the taste of many surrounding small & bug hotels & compared with his dish taste. He tried to sell his dish making technique to hotels , but none accepted this.  But he did not give up and attempted at many hotels roaming all over the city and finally after 1,019th attempt he was able to sell to one hotel. That was the first day when the world’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) center was opened. It came so popular with time such that in 7 years, Sanders came rich with 15 million dollar turn over. When he was tired searching to sell his product, he listened to his heart and did not give up.

We also are of the same nature. Whenever we feel getting tired, bored of doing something and on the verge to quit, let’s remember this engineer and Colonel. Let’s not give up easily, remember the words of commander, let’s not run with only legs, let’s run with heart. Legs may get tired, but the heart never. It is the heart which is creates the spirit for success. 

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