A story on main causes for failure

Postpone time
Once upon a time, the leader of all bad forces invited its family bad force members for a meeting. All the bad forces attended the meeting very happily as these forces feel happy on doing bad things. Then the leader spoke “Friends, I am bored of doing small bad things here and there, now I am planning to do something big , a bad cause doing which I want to create misery in this world. For this to happen I need your ideal support and cooperation. All of you should support with your full strengths”. Hearing to this all bad force members praised the leaders decision and started supporting him. Now the leader started asking what each bad force is capable of doing .

The first bad force which eagerly came to support was Anger. It said “If you wish, I can burn this world with anger. I can create mis understandings between father & son , between brothers and sisters, between states & destroy them.”

The second bad force which came to support was erotic desire, Kama. It said “No one is ever bad than me , If you wish I can create unending sexual desires and turn a man into animal , I can bury love , I can turn the minds of great priests , saints & make them bad”

Then came the bad force Greedy or also known as selfish .It said “Lord, you already know my powers. If I use my powerful weapon i.e. bringing unfulfilling desires into people’s mind, all people automatically turn bad. They will destroy themselves”. Then later other bad forces such as Gambling, Lazy, Enemy, Drunkard expressed their support & capabilities to create bad things in different ways. The leader was very happy to hear the support from its family bad force members.

At the corner , there was one small bad force sitting quiet. The leader observed this and asked laughing “Hey ,who are you , what can you do & how you such a small thing can support me ?”. The small bad force explained “Lord, I may be small , but still I am capable of doing many bad things. I can create Bhakthi feeling in people, I can create good feelings in them , I can make them strong & healthy . Hearing this the leader got angry and said “Hey, what are you saying. I am planning to destroy and you are giving me ideas to do good things , What nonsense are you taking ?”. The small force replied , “Lord, I am not done yet, please listen to me . I can create all good things in people , but would make them not to do immediately. I can make them to postpone doing  good things may be tomorrow, sometime later and so on saying there is no urgency. That is my character. To always make things post pone, to pass the time”. The leader was then happy hearing this “Yes, you are right  bad force to great misery in this world . People only talk of good things and never do that. They keep always postponing”. 

From the above story , it can be realized that if you want to fail in some task , it is very simple – just postpone the task . This is the reason behind our elders good saying “If you planned some good work to do tomorrow, do it today. If you have something to do it today, do it now. Never postpone.”