Our fears and the thought of one glass of water

Glass of water and Fog

Last year in New jersey , America it was a very cold season. One day , the weather was too cold and with fog. The climate was less than 0 degrees touching -4 degree which made it almost impossible to go outside.  In TVs , climate reporters informed that next day the fog may be dense and may engulf the whole city , even it would be difficult to stare clearly at 10 feet  & hence recommended to not travel outside.  The next day in one of the popular News Papers an article by American Bureau of Standards senior executive was published – The fog which is around 100 feet from ground level and capable of engulfing the whole city is comprised of 60 million minute droplets of water.

If we realize the number 60 million , it seem to be a big figure to us. But when these 60 million minute droplets are more condensed it may be the size of a drinking glass of water.  So a glass of water if divided to minute droplets is capable of engulfing the entire city !!

We many now realize that all our fears , anxiety are like just one glass of water. If we unnecessarily keep thinking on it and spread it may ruin our own life.  If you keep thinking on one particular fear – your mind gets diverted to that fear and you may not be able to concentrate on other things in your life. Later once the consequences are over , you may realize what you would have feared , may not happen at all!

If you sit & think once on all fear consequences you had last year , you will realize & get surprised on most of them were by the virtue of your thoughts and did not happen at all for which you had to think unnecessarily.  The thought work has passed by and life has kept moving. According to a psychologist, around 22% of the fear thoughts which we think off will never occur. But our minds will be fully engulfed with those thoughts which may not happen at all !! If we keep doing this then where shall we have time to experience this wonderful world around us ? – the question arises. Also a question may then arise how to lead life without problem fears then ? The answer is to treat every problem conceptually and not emotionally. Take assistance from those who have already experienced such scenarios. Because one small fear ( a glass of water) should not engulf (spread like fog ) your sweet life.

Hope you enjoyed this article. This is a translated version of Dr.Gururaja Karjagi Karunalu Baa Belake Kannada short stories, published in popular daily News Paper Deccan Herald. Dedicated and Brought to you by Think Bangalore team in view of public interest