The Invisible Protectors - A short professional story

Kitty Hawk

This is a story from the biography of Charles plumb , an American air force pilot. Charles had basically undergone his training from the American Navy, his was then a Fighter pilot & used to fly fighter planes during wars. He had a good knowledge in this job.  The moment when he got orders, he used to take his plane from his base which used to be on big navy ships and attack the enemy.

During the Second World War he was based near Vietnam. Irrespective of day and nights, he flew his plane and had attacked the enemies around 75 times during the world war. But during the 76th attempt, his plane got stuck with an enemy launched missile and broke into pieces. Immediately Charles opened his parachute and dived out of the plane. Flying with his parachute , he landed on the enemy grounds and later got jailed in communist jails. He experienced tremendous pain & punishment for 6 years in these jails and had thought he may have ended his life. But later, after the war period , he was released and he returned back to his country.

Later people of various communities started inviting him for discussions, lectures about his war experience. He used to travel the country narrating war lively experiences. One day he visited a restaurant with his wife for dinner. While they had started dinning, two men sitting close by were observing them for some time and approached them to have a chat.

Kitty Hawk parachute
One of them asked Charles with eager and full of emotions - “Sir, aren’t you Charles plumb ? who flew with Kitty Hawk fighter plane & got stuck with an enemy missile and jumped out of the plane using a parachute ?”. Charles was took to a surprise and replied “Yes, my friend – I am Charles Plumb the one you have just referred , have you heard about me through my lectures? “

The person replied “No Sir, I was also working with you in the Navy ship, But I was responsible for servicing & monitoring your plane. My job profile was very low & I was the one who had packaged the parachute systematically in your plane. You were a famous pilot, I used to see you, but had never spoken with you.” Charles was in fully surprise listening to him & lost his breath for a moment. The person then asked eagerly “Sir, when you had dived out of the plane, the parachute did open without any problems , isn't it ?”. Charles replied “If it had not opened , has it been possible to meet you here - my brother, I thank you a million for this. It is because of your systematic & professional work , I am alive”

Charles did not get sleep on that day. He kept thinking; I used to spread my glory with others, but had not even once thanked that unknown person who had packed the parachute which saved my life. If that parachute had not opened properly, I was in sure danger of losing my life. My life is now because of the systematic work of this unknown person.

In our life, many people contribute in some way to our happiness & success, whom we may not have seen or spoken with. But still they act as invisible invincible protectors. We all are not self-made - but a comprehensive output of the efforts, blessings, support of this invisible protectors. This wonderful story teaches a wise lesson that - In future, when we are flying on your success parachute, to remember and thank those who were responsible and contributed to make it fly.

Hope you enjoyed this nice story.