What I want to acheive in my life

Have I achieved what I want

Yes, you may have answered this question some time or many times in your life and would have brain stormed for hours or days or even months !! Not a simple decision to take isn't it.

Some of us may be wise enough to think what we want to become , what we want to achieve in this short life which god has gifted us. But we get to see some people around us who do not know what they want to become in their lives , what they want to achieve before they leave the Earth ! They get influenced by others sayings, thoughts and follow doing things blindly even which they don't love to do and just remain as just another bum

Yes, lets stress on the point what we want to achieve during our wonderful life before we die. We are sure this is one decision which has transformed thousands of minds and has helped many to plan and achieve their dreams and kept them moving.  So let me ask you 5 questions, take your time and try to answer them in a sheet of paper

  1. What are your dreams,  be it any matter you wish to achieve before you die ?
  2. Are you capable of achieving it within your life time , if yes within what time. ?
  3. Is this what you want is your passion, you love doing it and even ready to die working for it?
  4. Have you achieved it , if not are you working towards it ?
  5. Do you know beforehand when you may die , after 70 years ? after 50 years ? after 2 years ? after 10 days ? tomorrow ? !!!! 
Your answers to these questions are inputs for designing your own successful life . Remember , you are only successful when you achieve what you had loved to do and become in your life which you dreamt to achieve. 

Share your experience on how above questions have changed you or others .. Ask these questions to your loved ones who are in need to design their life especially the youth and children . 

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