Necessary character for a long lasting fame

In this world , there are many people who earn fame in their own subjects. Some people remain popular for a short period and some throughout their life . How is this possible ?

Once a trainer when training to business entrepreneurs asked to "Write down your favorite cricketer , your favorite business tycoons name and the character which they like in them". On reviewing the answers , it was observed among 80% choices were Sachin Tendulkar in cricket and J.R.D Tata among businessmen. It is surprising that both these great men have a common character of Politeness.

Sachin Tendulkar
A short achievement brings pride to oneself. For a long term achievement brings in politeness to oneself. Being in form for 24 years , earning the fame which many great cricket captains did not earn , being popular among millions of cricket fans , still being generous and polite is what makes Sachin Tendulkar a great person and a role model.

Two year back, Sachin has visited chennai to attend some program organised for orphans and Old aged people (Anathashram). In that meet , thousands of people had come to see Sachin on stage. One of Sachin's friend who shared the stage next to him , pointed him a lady and informed sachin "Her name is Saraswathi Vaidhyanathan . She is 87 years old. She is now old and cannot walk properly. She is a big fan of Sachin. She has never missed even one game of Sachin. Not only she used to watch international matches during mid nights , early morning - she used to keep a record of Sachin's cricket run scorings."

On hearing this Sachin immediately got off the stage and approached towards Mrs.Saraswathi. People were took by a surprise.  Then Sachin greeted her with Pranama and spoke "You are a senior person , You have not only watched my games but also have records about them. Your such interests have blessed me to achieve more. ".

Sachin and Saraswathi Vaidhyanathan
She never had dreamt that Sachin would meet her in this form. It was just like Shabari met Ram in Ramayana. How Shabari's devotion towards Ram had brought him towards Shabahri, the love towards sachin's cricket had brought Sachin towards Mrs.Saraswathi.She daid Sachin, it was her pleasure to meet him. Sachin in reply said It is  his pleasure to meet her. She took out a small Ganapathi Idol and presented to Sachin and said - you are like my Grandson , please take this Ganapathi which I had worshiped for years, let this bring you more success."

Sachin received the present , immediately touched her feet and took her blessings and said your blessings should always be with me. This behavior not only brought in tears of joy to Mrs.Saraswathi , but also to many who were present at the occasion. This is how a  great person remains in the heart of others.

We have to learn from our environment , isint it?  A fruit first beings being rough, then sour and then turns sweet. A erect tree branch after bearing a bunch of fruits leans. Hence there is a saying - Politeness comes from success - It also brings good fame throughout ones life.