Benefits of Papaya , Pomegranate and Dodda Patre

* Papaya juice when taken with Honey mixed with hot water causes any stomach worms to die and come out during stools.
* Eating Papaya daily in a empty stomach reduces stomach worms

* Pomegranate helps to reduce breast cancer cells & also acts as a anti-biotic against cancer causing cells.
* Pomegranate helps to strengthen teeth and its muscles.
* Pomegranate juice when taken  for 2 weeks reduces blood pressure
* Pomegranate helps to reduce cholesterol and hence reduces chances of heart attack , and avoids blood clots.

* Dodda Patre along with Tulasi & beetle leaves when taken with Honey reduces cough and cold
* Dodda Patre when taken for a week reduces Jaundice.
* Dodda Patre used along with Turmeric (arisina) and taken bath , improves health.
* Dodda Patre when taken with salt improves digestion
* Having Dodda Patre regularly helps to reduce pitha.
* Dodda patre helps in reducing dizziness

An article by D.Sinchan