Guava - ChepeKayi - SeebeKayi - Seebehannu - Health benefits

In Bangalore, its also known as poor people's Apple. It has more benefits when compared to Apple. It has a good amount of Iron content , vitamin A , B and C . It is proved that it has four times the vitamin C content of an orange.

Guava Fruits
 Digestion : It is very good for digestion and avoids gastric. Also has folic acids which proves to be a good fruit for pregnant.
Beauty : Everyone is concerned now on their beauty , Guava helps in reducing pimples. A small piece of Guava when massaged over the chin and gently washed after some time - for few days - reduces pimples. It also has vitamin E which aids to skin protection
Cold : Guava fruit keeps the body cool. But it also a remedy to cold to some extent. As it has vitamin C and Iron content , taking in small amounts helps to prevent cold. But one should not take Guava when suffering from fever.
Cancer , Blood Pressure protection : Guava has large amounts of Anti-oxidants, it helps in preventing breast cancer, reproductive organs cancer cells. It also has 20% of potassium, which reduces sodium levels and helps in reducing blood pressure. Diabetic patients can also take this fruit at limited amounts after consulting their personal doctor.
Eyes :  Guava has 21% of Vitamin A which is very useful for Eyes health.  This helps in reducing night blindness.
Strengthens Nerves :  This fruit also has Magnesium content which relaxes Nerve Muscles and avoids paralytic disorders.
Guava Tree leaves and fruits
Brain : It has Vitamin B3 , B6 which helps brain nerves to function normally.
Sperm Increase : It is scientifically proved that this fruit aids in sperm increase to some extent.

The leaves and seeds of Guava plant is used for various medications

  • Guava leaves when dried and made to powder , prepared as paste and applied to skin reduces pimples.
  • This paste is very effective against body odors also. One may apply this paste before taking bath.
  • Bad Breath can be reduced when rinsed 3 times a day with guava herbal drink (kashaya) along with salt.
  • Chewing Guava leaves - Helps in reducing mouth ulcers , gum diseases
  • Guava leaves along with Sandalwood when used reduces skin diseases.

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