A Share that increases with share - a short story

It was a small house in a remote place, one would say its not even a house - but a small room instead. A married couple lived there. The room was so small that only two people could sleep with minimum comfort.

One day evening , it started raining heavily with thunders and storms. As the couple had just returned from work , there was nothing to eat and they felt hungry & simply slept for a rest , as they could not go outside due to heavy rain. At this moment , they heard someone tapping the door. The husband asked the wife to open the door. The wife replied "No, lets not open . May be someone has come to take shelter due to rain. Now there is little space left here which would suffice for we both to sleep". The husband eagerly replied "No, its fine. It doesn't matter. As there is no other house nearby, its our duty to help them. We can manage 3 people here by sitting.May be they are soaked in rain" - saying this himself opened the door.  A stranger had appeared before the door seeking shelter - they shed a blanket and all 3 sat on the blanket - the stranger introduced himself and his experiences, around 10 min passed , while the conversation continued - the door tap was heard again. The stranger warned "Do not open the door , if anyone comes there is no place to sit here". The house owner (husband) replied "My Friend , don't worry - it doesn't matter - even my wife told the same thing when you had come and now you found shelter. Similarly someone else may be in need of shelter.Let us invite him also. I know there is space here only for 3 people to sit, but we can manage 4 people by standing" - saying this opened the door. Stranger2 appeared seeking help and joined the group - thanked the owner for providing shelter - now all 4 four started their conversation.

Around 5-10 minutes passed by , suddenly there was again sounds of someone hitting the door. Stranger2 requested the owner "Sir, please don't open the door - we have space here to hold 4 people standing only , If anyone comes - we may have to keep the door opened - if it rains further water may pour in". The owner replied - "I think if we can adjust by further reducing the gaps - we can still manage one more person. Let us help this person who is in need" - saying that opened the door. To a surprise, a donkey was standing rubbing its body to the door , it seemed confused due to the heavy rain pour and was shivering with cold - The owner pulled the donkey in and closed the door - cleaned it with a towel to reduce cold. Surpise ! there was a small bag tied to the donkey's neck . On opening it - found variety of dishes !! No one knew who was the donkey's owner and for whom this food was prepared. They waited for some time , but rain still continued - with the intention not to waste food - they shared the food among themselves and served the donkey also - happily enjoyed the food overcoming their hunger. By this time - the rain pour stopped. The strangers thanked the owner for his help. Stranger1 said to the owner - "You are a Strange character man" . The owner replied "There is nothing strange in it, All of our requirements was same - to get shelter against the rain . My home is small , but my heart  is wide open . I just shared some space of my heart with you guys and as you see now how god helped us".

The above short story teaches us a valuable lesson. In our homes - there may not be more space , more wealth - but shouldn't we be having at heart? It need not be only money / wealth to share, but we can share some of our time also. Sharing a loving Smile , few happy moments - always increase with sharing. Its a worthy share which increases with share.
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