Sri Ugra Narasimha Swamy temple , Maddur , Karnataka

Sri Narasimha swamy temple , Maddur
Our team happen to visit one of the historic temples of Karnataka , Sri Ugra NarasimhaSwamy temple which is around 1 kilometer from the Maddur - Bangalore highway near Maddur.  Here we bring out our visit experience.

This temple is very unique of its kind. The history of this temple kept us mesmerized.

Sri Narasimhaswamy temple , Maddur

History of this temple

It is believed during the end of Dwapara yuga , Arjuna wished to see Sri Krishna in Narasimha avatar darshan. But lord Krishna refused and in return lord Brahma established this idol.

This idol is quite unique which has 8 hands and 3 eyes. These 8 hands depict the way Lord Narasimha killing Asura Hiranyakashyap. Also the idols of Soumya Nayaki , Narasimha Nayaki the wives of Lord Narasimha are present here. It is believed this temple lost its charm during the period of Hoysalas and then later got renovated. As saints used to visit the river nearby here before submitting their duties , the river was also known as Kadamba River.

Sri Varadarajaswamy temple , Maddur
History of Varadaraja Swamy temple - Hoysala King Sri Vishuvardhana's mother was suffering with eyesight problem. Raja guru Sri Ramanujacharya advised to visit Sri VaradaRaja temple in kanchi and take blessings. As his mother was too old and could not afford travelling to kanchi , Vishnuvardhana established Sri Varadaraja temple here with a beautiful 16 feet idol. Also its beleived later eyesight problems of his mother got cured , due to which this is also famous as KanchiKanvaradaraja swamy.  Also besides this is another old , Sri Pattabhirama temple.

Sri Pattabhirama temple , Maddur
 Temple is open from morning 07 to noon 12 PM and later in the evening between 05 PM to 08 PM. Many devotees visit here to take the darshan of lord and conduct special poojas. If you are planning for a one day long trip from Bangalore with your family , then this destination suits the best. Also other places of interest nearby is Kokkarebenur - the cranes spot , Sri HoleAnjaneya Swamy temple , Sri Vaidhyanatheshwara swamy temple , Sri AthmaLingeshwara swamy temple.

Hope this article helps some. Stay Healthy , Keep travelling - Enjoy madi !!