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Athma Lingeshwara Temple, Mandya district, Karnataka - 85 kms from Bangalore

Our team happen to visit Athma Lingeshwara Temple , one of the temple gaining popularity recent times .  This is around 85 kms from Bangalore at Mandya district and 15 kms from Bangalore-Mysore highway.

The word Athma Lingeshwara reminds us about King Ravana in Ramayana who to fulfill his mother's wish took the blessings of Lord Shiva and established Lord Shiva's Athma Linga ( This actual place is however in Gokarna)

 Here we bring our visit experience -

Athma Lingeshwara Temple Entrance stairs

Temple gopuram

We took the Bangalore-Mysore highway route , passed  by Maddur-KM Doddi highway . This temple is at around 3-4 kms from KM Doddi. It was noon by the time we visited here. This temple is situated in a big area around 30-40 acres which houses a park , peddle boating , children's play area , Kalyana Mantapa and the temple itself. As per the temple history records , this temple was constructed in 1993.

What we get to see and experience here

Main Temple inside view
Temple - It seems this was a hill before which is then shaped to a temple. The gopuram of this temple is quite at a higher altitude and one has to climb few stairs to reach here. Make sure you visit here during early day hours or at noon. Our feet felt this summer heat while we climbed the stairs. You will find Lord Hanuman and Nandi structures on the way. Once we enter inside , we are brought straight to the main temple which is surrounded by green plantations in a open environment. This is built using modern styles.
Place is calm and relaxing. There is ample to sit and spend time watching Lord Shiva linga and the poojas.
Nisarga Dhama Park Opposite to temple

Nisarga Dhama Park - Opposite to this temple is a park called Nisarga Dhama where portrait idols of animals , birds etc are created. The park is full of greenery , small fountains and houses a children's play area also. We could see many college couples visit here ;) . There is a minimal entrance fee of Rs.5 to visit here.

Nisarga Dhama Park

Peddle Boating Spot

Peddle Boating - There is a small boating area where you can try peddle boating. There is a minimal charge of Rs.10 and one can enjoy a jolly ride . However the boats have limited 2-4 seats.  Peddling may be difficult for aged people , but nice to experience.

There are few food courts , restaurants inside the campus surrounded with ample parking space. If you happen to visit Mandya or Maddur from Bangalore, then this is one of the scenic place to visit.  Temple is open between 07 AM to 12 PM and from 04 PM to 08 PM which is the best time to visit this temple.

Hope this article helps some folks who are planning for a weekend long drive with their family . Take care , stay healthy , travel more , Enjoy madi !!!!