Long Lasting Leadership greatness - Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is considered as one of top leaders. He was a legend during this lifetime. The greatness comes in the actions which these leaders took and the way they applied it and not only from speech and language. There were 3 decisions taken by Mandela which took him to the height of greatness.

In 1985 , the president of South Africa Mr.Botha was supporting racial discrimination. During this time Mandela was imprisoned at Robben Island. By this time he had spent 20 years of his life in Jail alone. Mr.Botha had announced if Mr.Mandela is ready to stop all activities which are against their government rules and regulations , then he will recommend to release Mr.Mandela from Jail immediately. He had thought Mr.Mandela would accept this invitation after his prolonged stay at Jail. But in return Mr.Mandela responded in a great way - "When my black people fellow beings are suffering as slaves how can I alone be
released ? Only a independent person can talk face to face . Prisoners do not compromise" and continued his stay at Jail.

During 1993 when Mr.Mandela was just released from Jail and continued his protest , one of his supporters leader Kris Hani was shot dead. When the protest against racial discrimination was on its peak , this incident happened and a white women shot Kris brutally. At this time, a revenge feel started to develop among the black people minds. They went furious . Many people around the world thought this would lead to serious troubles in the country. At that time the decision taken by Mr.Mandela stands for forever. Only that decision saved South Africa. He said - " Today I am requesting from my heart to every single black and white people of South Africa - Because of the death of our leader , our country has come to a nearing stage of danger. This is our test period , Let us all unite together and not disrespect our leader. Let us through non-violence work for each other and forget revenge". This statement brought peace in the country.

In 1994 , Mr.Mandela emerged as the president of South Africa and became very famous. Any person who spent 27 years of his life in Jail may think of leaving down from such a powerful position ? Most of us do not think of leaving the position and at-least try to continue for rest years of ruling period. According to the constitution of Africa , any citizen is eligible twice for president post and this was easy for Mr.Mandela also. But Mr.Mandela announced he shall not be the president for the second time during his first reign and justified the world that he is not bound to power.

These 3 decisions are Mr.Mandela's moral values messages to the world -
a) Even under critical circumstances , not to lose self-respect
b) Creating peace even under severe conditions.
c) Ruling Power is once an opportunity to serve. It is not good to bound to it.

Power may not make a person great. But the values one trusts and follows in his life makes him a great leader. He trusted "The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing , but in rising every time we fail" . World needs such great leaders.