Bugle Rock - a historic paradise for lovers and walkers

Bugle Rock (Kahale Bande in Kannada) is a quite big rock which is near Basavanagudi in south Bangalore , assessed with an age of about 3000 million years. This is one among the famous tourist attractions in Bangalore.

It houses one of the four watch tower which was constructed during the reign of Kempegowda (during the 15th - 16th century ) , the founder of Bangalore and hence finds historic importance. It is believed that soldiers used to blow Bugle (musical instrument usually used during wars) as a warning to inform people about any intrusions.

Bugle Rock Park - Soldier blowing Bugle

Bugle rock park - Watch tower
 This is surrounded by a beautiful park "Shamanna Park" named after T.R Shamanna - a social activist and politician. This is a family spot where many people , visit occasionally.

The park has a musical light Fountain which is put on at evening between 07 to 07.30 PM .
There is a stage and small theater where many musicians , cultural activists conduct programs here during weekends and on special occasions. Also has photos & wall images of famous Bangalore people ,kannada poets - some to mention are DVG,Sir MV,Masti Venkatesh Iyengar and much more.
This is also a Lovers Paradise - you will find many couples around. A nice place to spend time with your loved ones.
Many senior citizens visit here during morning and evening in groups for a gathering / walk - also known as Walkers Paradise.
Surrounded by the park are many Chats & mouth watering Yummy foods centers.
Behind the park is the infamous Bull Temple , Dodda ganesha temple , MalliKarjuna Swamy Temple.

Bugle rock park - inside view
You can plan for a relaxing weekend at this spot with your family and friends . Best time to visit this place would be at evening after 05 PM.