Simple Tips for a healthy kidney

In our busy life ,  we may not get sufficient time to look after our health. If proper care is not taken , then we are always on the verge of experiencing health issues. Of these our Kidney is more important organ which should be taken care off. Here are few simple tips to maintain kidney health

  • Drink 7 to 8 liters of water a day
  • Pomegranate juice helps keeps kidney problems away
  • Coriander leaves  is very good for kidney. It helps to reduce kidney contaminates.
  • Use Garlic in your food. Maintain less sugar , salt levels, oil foods and Masala items 
  • Regularly exercise. It should be part of your routine life. Those having Diabetes should regularly check sugar levels in urine and blood.
  • Use butter milk, fresh curd , Papaya , Apple , Sweet mango, Banana,Beans,Carrot, Tender coconut,Barley water, Drumsticks
  • Those having kidney problems - Keep away from red and green chilly , potato , capsicum , Brinjal , Sour curd , peas , Flesh items and alcohol
  • Usage of more Tomato , Capsicum , Broccoli, Black Grapes, Sweet pumpkin,Palak, Flesh items - are known to create kidney related problems
  • Black beans is very good for Kidney and should be taken atleast twice in a week - it helps in reducing kidney stones
  • Do not hold back urinals for long time - it may pressurize kidneys and also may form kidney stones - its recommend to pass urinals  every 3-4 hours.
  • Food made out of - Banana tree stem and flower is very useful to reduce kidney stones
  • Having foods which would result in 2 liters of urinals everyday is necessary.
  • Urinals should have the color of drinking water - which indicates proper kidney health
  • Some may take Beer to reduce Kidney stones. This should be avoided.
An article by Usha.K.P - Hope this is useful. Drink lot of water folks !!