Alcohol Health benefits when taken responsibly

Some of us usually keep wondering - why there are so many bars , liquor shops etc - Is alcohol beneficial ? If so how and which alcoholic beverages can be beneficial for our health ! and what are the side effects etc , why there are people to support and why there are people against it ? This article covers one such topic on the health benefits of having different types of alcohol responsibly and their side effects. This is only an overview article.  

Every beverage has some advantage when taken in proper limits responsibly. Anything over limit is always dangerous to health , can cause serious adverse effects on our health and death also. In this article we have tried to cover the pros and cons of popular alcoholic beverages consumed in India especially in Bangalore. This is a generic article and we recommend to consult your physician for proper recommendation and use.

Broadly there are 3 types in alcohol - Beer , Wine and Spirits (Whiskey,Rum,Gin,Brandy,Vodka etc)

Wine is a fermented beverage produced from grapes. Wine involves a longer fermentation process than beer and also a long aging process (months or years), resulting in an alcohol content. Beer is a beverage fermented from grain mash. It is made from barley or a blend of several grains. If the fermented mash is distilled, then the beverage is a spirit.


Pros when taken responsibly
  • Strengthens bones
  • Strengthens heart
  • Reduces Kidney stones
  • Improves memory , Concentration , Reasoning
  • Boosts Vitamin Levels
  • Reduces risk of cancer
Cons when exceeding limits
  • Obesity
  • Heart Burns
  • Blood pressure Increase
  • Dehydration
  • Hangover


Pros when taken responsibly
Red and White wine
  • Promotes Longevity
  • Reduces Heart risks
  • Reduces Type 2 Diabetes
  • Aids Brain memory
  • Prevents cancer causing cells
  • Prevents Stroke Damage causes

Cons when exceeding limits
  • Head aches / Migraine

Spirits  - Whiskey / Whisky

Pros when taken responsibly
  • Prevents cancer causing cells
  • Prevents cold and Flu
  • Helps in maintaining weight
  • Enhances memory
  • Relieves stress , anxiousness
  • Aids Longevity
  • Provides good sleep
Cons when exceeding limits
  • Impairs judgement levels
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Blood clots , Liver effects

Spirits - Vodka , Gin

Pros when taken responsibly
  • Reduces weight
  • Reduces stress
  • Lowers High BP , improves blood circulation
  • Reduces risk of Heart attacks
  • Aids digestion
Cons when exceeding limits
  • Intoxication

From the above , it can be understood every beverage is made to serve a purpose depending on the country , location climate , society. It is up-to the common man's  intellect to judge what suits and what not and quantity intake.

Well we recommend you to intake good amount of water which is always a better drink and also cleanses alcohol contents.

Hope this article is useful to some. Keep sharing your comments.Stay Healthy.