Failure leads to Success Inspiring short story from Steve Jobs life

In this post we bring out a short inspiring story on Steve Jobs - how some failures in his life lead to one of the secret of success. When we mention about Steve Jobs , everyone know about about his Creativity. He was also considered one among the great creative icons of this century. He had a special character - even his enemies used to praise his efforts and dedication towards work. His life was full of up and downs - He went to college and later dropped out , later roamed around trying different things , when he was 20 , started a small company in his home garage along with his friend and named it 'Apple'. In the next 10 years , this company grew at a rapid pace and employed 4000 people with 2 billion dollars turn over. As company grew , he employed few more intelligent members in the team. Everything went well for next 1-2 years and suddenly , there crept in some difference in opinions in the team. The company directors met together and took a major decision i.e, to quit Steve jobs !! . 

Steve was 30 when he had to leave his own built firm. He was very disappointed and depressed , was not knowing what to do next and for next 4-6 months spent time thinking on that. He once sat and thought - "It is real that I have lost my company, but have always loved the work I did". He met his investors who had faith in him and apologized personally. He also promised , he shall not disappoint them and would start a new company. Immediately along with some of his friends he started a company "Next" , After 2 years started another company "Pixar". He worked very hard day and night , just like he loved his work - he also fell in love with a girl Laurene and married later.

Next company grew so rapidly that his earlier owned ex-firm Apple bought it and Steve Jobs was again appointed as CEO of Apple - this seemed like his life clock completed one turn and returned back at its initial point. Later Steve jobs grew as a eminent entrepreneur and gained popularity worldwide. During some interview when he was asked about his success secret , on the ups and downs he faced , he replied - "This would have not happened if I was not fired from Apple. That incident was like having a most bitter medicine for me. It was bitter , however it was essential for my well being. It helped me gain more attentiveness slowly. Sometimes in our life , we are attacked by big problems , but we should not loose faith. Only one thing saved me during that time - the love I had in my work. None of the jobs bring us success that we do without love. Nothing is permanent. If we think and has a limited aim to only to own a house and stay back , we permanently lay back in life and do not grow. We should always work with new visions , have new thirst in the things we love to do." 

These wisdom words from Steve jobs are so real. Some may have a job even when they don't love the work they do - which may bring in - money and home , but it may not bring great success and lead to individual growth. To succeed and make great achievements , we should consistently do the work we love deep in our hearts and should always think on those activities. Lets not stay back by just owning a house - let us move further working hard on the things which we love to do . Unconsciously , It leads us to great heights of success.

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