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Children should be given good education to bring in peace to the world - Mahatma Gandhiji

One who shares his food with others will never be suffering from hunger - Thiruvalluvar

If you are not confident with yourself , then you are not confident about God as well - Swami Vivekananda

What is God ? It is the breath of the breathe - Kabeer

I have nothing to give to God . Hence i gave myself - GuruNanak

One who are ready to become public servants are really great persons - Dr.B.R.Ambedkhar

Happiness is nothing but good health and bad memories 
Difficulties one faces who follows dharma, Happiness one gets with Adharma always remain for a shorter period - finally what wins is Dharma - Dharmaraya

Experience is the greatest teacher. Learning till we breathe , Gaining Knowledge should be one's life goals - Swami Vivekananda

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind - Mahathma Gandhiji

One earns respect in society when he delivers what he promised - ThinkBangalore collections

We are first Indians and then later Hindus,Muslims and Christians - Mahathma Gandhiji

Its not just sufficient to learn moral values , but should always apply them - Jawaharlal Nehru

To advise a fool , is like making a fire ritual using ashes - Mahabharatha

Your good qualities are your ornaments which no one can snatch  - ThinkBangalore collections

To make a good decision , its requires awareness not the counts - Pluto

Instead of winning thousands of enemies outside, it is better to win oneself - Mahaveera

If you want to donate to poor people publicly it is good , but it is better to donate in personal and avoid publicity - Quran

Happiness is not a goal. Its a byproduct of a goal - Eleanor Roosevelt

Criticize your friend in a lone place , But praise him in front of others - Emerson

There are two categories of people in this world. One who live and still remain dead and others who live even after dead. I would like to belong to the second category - Master Hirannaya

If there are 100 reasons for being unhappy , there are 1000 reasons for being happy - we need to always try to find out those reasons and remain happy - ThinkBangalore collection

All the biographies of great personalities have one thing in common , they always tried once more after facing failure  - ThinkBangalore collection

It is not a wise idea to spoil your health for a non guaranteed profit - P.B.Shelly

No one grants independence , it comes from struggle - Subhash Chandra Bose

Knowledge is the light for life's happiness - Khaleel Gibran 

A man does not become corrupt when in power , but gets corrupt with the greed of retaining power - John Steinbeck

When you know What you know and What you don't know then you get knowledge - Confucius

Ignorance is like a curse , Knowledge is the wings to heaven - William Shaksephere

One who does not have courage is a poorest of the poor , how can one come out of disease without courage - Shakespeare

Keep it simple in every aspect , your work will be simple just like picking a flower from a plant - Shivaram Karanth

If we try to do anything which we don't respect , happiness stays far from us - Freya Starc

A person who is not progressing can be immediately identified as a fool - Premchand

We lose when we forget our principles and focus on goals - Jawaharlal Nehru

The easiest way to handle future is by taking care of present. Without handling this it is difficult to construct tomorrows - Francis Beckon

Those enemies are trustable who say the rough truth than those friends who say sweet lies - Robert Bralt

It is a great sin to advise philosophy for a person who is starving from hunger - Swami Vivekananda

Decision Making is a mind's thing , If the mind's thoughts are not accepted by heart , it should be rejected - Mahathma Gandhiji

One who does not know how to lead a happy life is not at all a human - Sarvagna

A teacher without self learning cannot teach another person just like a candle which cannot lit other candles until it is lit - Rabindranath Tagore

Good advises are not always respected. That does not mean you should stop giving good advises - Agaatha christi 

A luck person gets an opportunity , a wise man creates an opportunity , but only the one who utilizes the opportunity in a good way succeeds - Swami Vivekananda

From small experiences once may learn big truths - SaiBaba

While in travel , knowledge is a friend . While at home , wife is a friend . While at disease , medicine is a friend - Chanakya

To be a ideal husband is more difficult than being a ideal priest - Swami Vivekananda

Money is not the cause for Failure. It is the power and capacity which matters - Daniel Webstar

Money earned from injustice and illegal means do not provide satisfaction - Panje Mangesharaya

A great character is one who does not feel happy finding mistakes in others and who does not give way to develop qualities for others to find mistakes in them - Bhagavad Geetha

It is not wise to think about the future black day without being happy with the existing full moon day - Dr.Nizaar Ahmed

Real dream is not the one which we get during sleeping. The one which keeps us awake with sleepless nights is the real dream - Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam

If I have to tell what I have learnt from life after seeing all the worlds , I would say - "Life moves on" - Robert Frost

Living Life is the most seldom thing in this world, most of them just live , that's it - Oscar Wild

Live as if it's your last day on earth , Keep Learning as if you will live forever on this earth - Mahatma Gandhiji

Problems are not Stop points. They are directions - Robert Shiller

We are never old to have new dreams and new goals - C.A.Louis

To progress ahead in any work , first step is to start off - Mark Twayne

Having faith is life , suspicion is death - Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

He one wins the world - who does not lose faith during difficulties , who  does not show pride during riches , who does not fear while doing any work - KathasarithaSagar

One cannot fulfill big tasks unless he puts on good hard work - Sir. M.V

Laziness is a violent disease - Gandhiji

God has no religion - M.Gandhiji

An ordinary teacher only says, A good teacher explains well while a great teacher explains with an example - William Arthurword

I am thankful for my father for the fact of living . I am thankful for my teacher for the fact I am living well - Alexander

Every new minute is there to indicate something new is possible , do not worry about the past - D.R.Bendre

One should not alone take decision on a important matter - Panchathanthra

Profession never cheats a person , but a person may cheat his profession - Russian Proverb

Whenever possible always be piteous , It is always possible - Dalai Lama

If you think something is not correct , try to correct it . When the correction doesn't happen , change your thinking - Maya Angelo

Those who sacrifice their Ego for a position , they are good men - Barthrihari

You become weak and stressed when you get angry . Anger affects even a self motivated person - Vinodha Bhave

Live and let others live - Gautham Buddha

Sun, moon and truth. These 3 cannot be hidden for long time - Gautham Buddha

I know what I am , but I should also know what I am not am - Shakesphere

Instead of telling "Yes Will do" to satisfy someone , to avoid problems it is better to say "No,I cannot" with a pure heart - Mahathma Gandhiji

It is not just enough to know morals , but should apply follow them - Jawaharlal Nehru

There is no use to perform rounds around a temple without focused mind - Sarvagna

For a hungry person, god comes in the form of food - Mahathma Gandhiji

A man who is not having a penny is not poor , but a man who is not having dreams is poor - Swami Vivekananda

When you want to climb up , you have to hold the stem and branch , not the flowers and fruits - African Proverb

Just like a lamp light would not exist  without oil , man would not exist without god - Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Our first responsibility should be not to underrate our-self - Swami Vivekananda 

Every child which takes birth indicates a good message that God is still not sad about humans - Ravindranath Tagore

The fruits and respect gained from hard work lasts long - Gandhiji

Only with good health one can achieve great success and heights - Swami Vivekananda

A wise man should not do a work which insults others - Ramayana

Sometimes we fail when we try to express exceeding our limits - Swami ViveKanand

Whatever work you do , you should put your heart,mind and soul to it to succeed - Swami Vivekananda

Those who adjust with Disrespect,Humiliation,Rejection,Hesitation will never come up - Shankaracharya

One should not speak words which would hurt others - Mahaveera

If one learns how to be a slave under a master , he automatically earns the qualities of a master - Swami Vivekananda

During a fight , he who knocks down the other is not a winner always. He who controls anger is also a winner - Gokule

Mind is the source of all activities , one cannot perform great activities unless mind is kept pure - SharadaDevi

It is better to have an enemy who is intelligent rather than having a friend who is stupid - Shakespeare

A creative person doesn't get poor , A silent person doesn't invite quarrels , A cautious person doesn't fear - Panchathantra

One who cheats others and uses that money for donation reaches hell - Mahabharatha

A egoist always has a doubtful mind - Shivaram Karanth

In bhakthi , there is dedication , no requirement - Ravindranath Tagore 

Humans don't move forward to learn from other's mistakes , they learn after meeting with problems themselves - Vinodha Bhave

One who condemns other languages is usually lack knowledge of his own language - Garaate

To achieve something on this earth one has to seed in its feel - Kuvempu

He has attained freedom who rules himself without spoiling others - D.R.Bendhre

Everything goes a waste when a person does work with Egoism - Kabeer

He who leaves vanity is lovable by everyone - Mahabharatha

Life is nothing but a fair of experiences - Shivaram Karanth

You should always try to beat yourself everytime and it should be practiced throughout your life - Chrisitina

Being tolerant when wealthy , being patient during problems , being courageous during war are essential qualities - Batruhaari

The best ready medicine for mind is nothing else than silence - Bhagavad Gita

When we try to show the power which we do not posses we fail - Swami Vivekananda

Don't stay back in front of problems , rather face them - George Marshal

Nobody can be great without making mistakes - Mother Teresa

There is always a danger with Inexperience and without knowledge - Tirumale Rajamma

Self Demotivation is bad when compared to Self appraisal . It brings down ones value - B.M.Sreekantaya

The biggest enemy of a angry person is his anger. It will not let him go without destroying him - Tiruvalavar

We should always practice to do our own work ourselves. Hands are one of the most valuable asset man has - Gandhiji

Good deeds done to create impression are really not good . Deeds done having the fear of impression are bad - China Proverb

Big achievements cannot be made by cheating . Only With love and real

interest one can achieve high levels - Periar Ramaswamy Naikar

Laziness is death, Occupation is life - Swami RamaTheertha

When it comes to superstitious , wise men follow the words of foolish men - Francis Beken

There is no better religion than showing Sympathy towards others , There is no better weapon than apologizing one's mistake - GuruNanak

Coward people always drink the salt water from their father's plowed well - Panchatanthra

He is a fool who does not depend on the current opportunity and thinks of still better opportunity in future - Mahabharata

An oil in water , knowledge in wise men expand with self strength - Chanakya

Do not regret about people talking behind you, Be happy that you are ahead of them - Alexander

A good poet always realizes his mistakes and work , A bad poet always thinks no one is better than him - Kuvempu

The path never ends till we keep walking , there are endless opportunities till we keep accepting them , these are world's message to us - V.Gokhak

A work once done should be taken care and tested such that it does not repeat - Vyasa

If our minds are pure , it and we will be strong - Gandhiji

A selfish mind cannot have love - Premachand

Being quiet when speaking out is expected & speaking out when being quite is expected are both mistakes - Syed Saadi

Every problem has a solution. With this faith , every difficulty is solved - Aaluru Venkataraya

The work done with self satisfaction without worrying about the returns ,does not make us sad even when we get cheated from it - DVG

Sometimes it is not possible to change one's character by just guidance just like water cools back after heating - Panchatantra

It is better to leave our life as a message to speak on rather than we speaking about ourselves - Gandhiji

Real religion is about respecting other religions - Mahabharata

Wise people always first try to realize their mistakes - Swami Vivekananda

A cheerful person can never be poor - Hitchcock

The dearest friend of a liar is "Fear" . The dearest friend of a truthful person is "No Fear" - Jawaharlal Nehru

A person always travels in the right direction when he has control over his senses - Barhtruhaari

There is no religion like Truth and no sin like being Untruth , hence it is not good to disrepute truth - Ramayana

In general there are no friends and foes , all take birth from business.
When one makes enemies as his friends enemies are destroyed - Abraham Lincoln

It is always better to speak less than we we know about a matter - William Shakespeare

Politeness and Confidence are two essential characters required in life - Mark Twine

If we have to move forward in our life , we should learn from other's mistakes constantly and apply them - Dr.Ambedkar

Music is man's most effective way to induce feeling. It helps to forget difficulties and relax for a moment - T.Choudaya

Egoism or Ahankara means to keep collecting , travelling . It always expects recognition - Ravindranath Tagore

The Enthusiam a person has is the only assest in his life - Tiruvalavar

Insects affect crops , Desire affects humans - Gautam Buddha

Always any work which brings in great satissfaction at last should be done - Yogavashishta

Our wealth increases when we quit jealous - Pluto

Always keep laughing when you can , it is a good medicine - Byran

Just like creating a poem , enjoying the poem is also a creative Art - Kuvempu