RamaDevara Betta , Ramgiri , Ramanagar - awesome hill spot one day trip from Bangalore

We bring in this post one of the awesome hill trekking spot our team visited . The Rama Devara Betta (Lord Rama Hill rock)  , Ramagiri kshetra in Ramanagar - which is about 49 kms from Bangalore city central and around 3 kms from Bangalore-Ramanagar-Mysore Highway.

RamaDevara Betta - on the way narrow roads

We reached the spot just before noon and it was quite hot sunny day. The 3kms route from Highway to this spot was very interesting  and felt adventurous while be passed by narrow roads surrounded by rocky hills. Moment we reached the temple arch located at round 3000ft below the temple hill , the security greeted us and showed way to the ample parking space with a minimal charge of Rs.10. For two wheelers its Rs.5.  They informed , there were 400 stairs to reach the temple. 

RamaDevara Betta - Entrace Arch

RamaDevara Betta - Stairs to climb Hill top
RamaDevara Betta - Awesome scenic spot

The entrance had a small Ganesha idol, we took his blessings and started our mission climbing the RamaDevara Betta. 

We got a feel we are entering into some rocky jungle while we climbed the stairs, surrounded by age old rocks , bushes and trees. 
RamaDevara Betta - Awesome view while climbing stairs
People here say that this place is known for Vultures and Bears, however they are known to be active during nights. We found few clues when we saw some small caves in the rocks. 

RamaDevara Betta - Hanuman and Shiva Temples rock face
While we passed half of the stairs , we were greeted by Lord Shiva and Hanuman temples and felt relaxed taking the Darshan and the satisfaction of completing half of the adventurous journey. We very soon climbed through the rest of the stairs and reached our final destination , The Hill top Rama temple. There were around 380 stone stair steps to reach here and we made it in around 30-40 minutes. 

RamaDevara Betta - Rama temple outside view
RamaDevara Betta Rama Temple close view

This temple is of Historic Importance dating to Ramayana 1000s of years ago - the temple priest informed during Ramayana  , King of Vanaras , Sugreeva established this idol when Lord Rama helped him in killing Asura Sukasura. This was later identified and renovated by Kempegowda, the founder of Bangalore.

RamaDevera Betta - Temples view from Tower on Hill top
RamaDevara Betta Gopuram on Hill  top

RamaDevara Betta - Sita pond
There is a small pond , which they refer as "Sita pond" . The priest said there is a mystery behind this pond and nobody knows how deep it is . Once some foreigners visited here and tried to measure the pond depth using some instruments , they went till 2000-3000ft with no end and returned back with no clue. This place is restricted for use and any kind of access to the pond as its dangerous too.

Also next to Rama temple is , Lord Rameshwara and Nandi temples . The priest informed , these idols were Udbhava idols ( created by itself ) , there is a view tower infront of this temple where people visit to get a good view of the surroundings.

RamaDevara Betta - Lord Rama Idol

RamaDevara Betta - Lord Rameshwara & Nandi Idols
RamaDevara Betta - Lord Hanuman Idol
We were allowed to take snaps of Idols. We have posted in our blog to draw in more tourists.

We traveled around the hill top at various points and filled our eyes with some awesome scenic hill beauties , one can get a view of Ramanagar and the hills it is surrounded by . There were easy access to walk around the hill top.

RamaDevara Betta - Hill top scenic
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top sight view

RamaDevara Betta - Hill top Couples spot

We also noticed many couples from nearby locations visited here ;) which makes it a lovers picnic spot too !!
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top sight view
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top awesome tree
After all these we descended back to ground . This place is one of the must visit tourist destinations and is an awesome one day trip from Bangalore. One can plan this with friends or family groups. It is always better to visit here in groups. We found a petty shop selling some cool drinks and snacks - rest there were no shops. So we recommend you to carry ample food supplies when you visit here.
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top sight view
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top sight view
 The priest informed they do not open this temple between morning 08 AM to evening 05 to 06 PM on Saturday,Sunday,Monday and Wednesdays as there is no people inflow on other days. So better plan it on a weekend. Aged people may find it little hard to climb the steps , but enthusiasts still make it to the top!  

RamaDevara Betta - Hill top sight view
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top tree view
Best time to visit this place is in the early morning hours on a weekend. We wish this article should help get you rolling a visit plan a visit to this awesome destination. If worth , please share and discuss this link with your facebook, twitter, google friends in just a click and invite more friends to the trip. Visit & Share your experiences.