How to start a work - JRD Tata and Sudha Murthy - a inspiring conversation short story

This is one of the very nice short inspiring story. This was recorded by Smt. Sudha Murthy in her book "The Lasting Legacies" during J.R.D Tata's 100th birth anniversary.

After getting a PhD in computer science , Mrs.Sudha Murthy joined Telco company, where she served for almost 8 years. Later once her husband Sri.Narayana Murthy established the company Infosys (one of the current IT giants ) , she had to leave the job.This incident happened during that time. She had opportunities to meet Mr.Tata , the president of the Tata group of Industries at few occasions. Although she was just an engineer , she had a lot of respect towards Mr.Tata. During 1982 , when she had to leave Telco , she was not that willing to leave the company, but she had no choice.One day when she was approaching near the stairs at Bombay house , she noticed Mr.Tata was just reaching the stairs. He seemed to be thinking about something and walking up the stairs. She thought this is the right time to speak to him and inform him about her leave. Mr.Tata saw her and asked in a low gentle tone "How are you Mrs.Kulkarni?". Kulkarni was the surname  before she got married and Mr.Tata used to refer her by this name.

She replied "Sir, I am leaving Telco". Mr.Tata asked "Is it ? where are you joining?" . She replied "Sir, I am leaving to Pune. My husband is starting a new company Infosys and hence I have to accompany him." . Mr.Tata replied - "Oh, thats great. So what shall you do after achieving success?" . She replied in a low tone "Sir, we are not sure whether we may achieve big or not."

Mr.Tata immediately corrected her words and told "Never start a work with Fear and hesitation. My best wishes to you" and climbed the stairs slowly. That was the last time Mrs.Sudha Murthy met the tycoon Tata.

While doing any work, we should be alert, set our mind on it , should have good knowledge about it but should never have fear and hesitation. If we start any work saying No , it may not work then it may definitely not work. The fear in heart hampers the growth of success from any work. Great Achievers never bow down when met with a failure , instead move forward without fear towards success.

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