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Is your job Small or Big ? A short inspiring story

One of our friend staying in Gurgaon, which is near Delhi told about a personality whom she met which made us feel little surprised and also heart touching. There is one Shopping Mall near our friend's house where hundreds of people visit for shopping. On weekends , this mall used to get filled with crowds. She was not talking about this Shopping Mall owner , but about a young lady "PoolaKumari" who used to maintain the Ladies Rest room. Kumari was working at the shopping mall for past 2 years - her work and enthusiasm were liked by others. She never used to sit with a grumble look. Her nature of work involved when a visitor reaches the rest room , she used to greet by saying "Namasthe Madam" by folding her palms and a gentle smile , before they use the rest room - she used to place a new paper cover on the commode , once the visitor left the rest room to remove the cover and put a new cover for the next visitor. If any lady had come with a child , she used to take care of the child till they use & come back from the rest room. Every 15 minutes , she used to clean the floor and keep it shining and always use air fresheners to keep the environment refreshing.

Our friend had asked the Mall manager about Kumari whether she is given any extra incentive / salary for her enthusiastic work. The manager with a gentle smile replied "Madam, the only person in our Mall who has not asked for Salary increment / Bonus is Kumari. Her salary is very less. If any one asks her to approach for an incremented she just rejects it with a gentle smile. She has never created any problems on this matter".

Our friend got more curious now and asked Kumari the same question. Kumari shyly replied - "I get a lot of satisfaction from this work. When I arrange the items , create a neat environment here for the visiting ladies, the happy response they give is my Bonus. Salary hike is asked to be happy. When I am already happy with this , why should I ask a salary hike ?".

There is no small or big in work. It depends on the way we love and perform it. Rather than doing a task which a person does not like to do being at high position , with huge pay scales - end of the day not satisfied ,  isn't it the small task which Kumari does with enthusiasm with full satisfaction a big one ? 

Any small work which provides satisfaction is always big. Any big work done without any satisfaction remains small. Hope you liked this small story. Share your comments on any such experiences.  If you have liked the story , contribute your like on facebook, google friends and help the good message reach.