Vegetable soups for dummies - Beat Hunger in a minute !

Based on few requests from our visitors and support group , We are bringing in a Make-it-Yourself recipe section in our Blog posting Bengaluru specials and generic recipes. 

Starting off with ready to make recipes anyway anyway ;) the quicker and easiest ones - Soups.

Vegetable Soups - the simplest way to beat hunger quickly

Tasting hot yummy soups on a Rainy evening or winter cold  - hmm mouth watering ;) . Gone are the days where people used to visit to hotels and shops in search of good soups , now its time for a fast world , prepare it in minutes at home or office and take away. Soups are one of the most recommended healthy fast foods to beat your hunger. They come in different ready to make variants. This is especially useful do-it-yourself activity for people staying late at offices not worrying about the outside food !! just a class of hot water , mix it , have it, that's it job. 


Soups contain a lot of nutrition levels . Veggies & extra bits add up to the required proteins , vitamins and carbohydrates. Recommended for  a linear stomach dinner with less calories !! A occasional healthy snack for children. They just love it.

Make it in 5 minutes

Step 1 : Most of the soups available readily in Bangalore at shopping markets come in sachets . Buy a appropriate quantity depending on the no of people to serve. A cup a soup sachet would do for a single person 

Step 2 :  Get the Hot water ready for the quantity. If you have chosen any chopped vegetables for a mix of aroma , cook them at medium heat.

Step 3 : The necessary amount of water essential for the pack will usually be printed on the sachet. Use appropriate quantity to get the right taste . Cut the sachet , pour in the soup powder mix to Hot water and leave for a minute or two boiling, Gently Mix it to get a thicker soup as required. Add additional water if required. 

Step 4 :  Give it a Taste to adjust the salt , sweetness . That's it. Now its time to set in the ingredients which would basically be salt , pepper or any of your choice for additional taste and serve. Depending on the climate and taste , leave it for warm / cold & Serve it.

Isn't it so easy gents .... ;) . Share your soup experiences.