Sociocentric Life - an inspiring short story

It was a Christmas day - whole day it was drizzling filled with cold. Police inspector Tom was on regular rounds watching the city. At around 5.30 in the evening Tom came across a park which was empty - as most of the people were celebrating Christmas. He noticed one person who was sitting on a bench and had a suspicion what is this guy doing here without enjoying Christmas. When he approached towards him , he noticed the Guy was crying , slowly stood up , picked up a pistol from his pocket and was attempting a suicide. Tom immediately jumped on the guy and took off his pistol . The guy still tried to pick the pistol saying "Please leave me . I want to die", but tom managed to get it out of his reach. He consoled the guy and asked him what happened. the guy replied - "I am Jack . I am a businessman, recently i lost my business and now its very difficult at home to serve my family. With what face should I go home and celebrate Christmas" - he started crying sadly.

Tom consoled Jack , took a 20 dollar note from his wallet and tried to give it to him. Jack refused to accept, but still Tom managed to give him. While this happened , Tom received a emergency call on his police phone that - a lady had died , tom has to reach the spot and pick up the body. Tom asked Jack to accompany him and once the work is over he shall drop Jack at his home. Both left to the lady's house. Many people were gathered at the house. She was a black lady , her husband was standing and shivering with  grief , they had 5 small children who were crying looking at the body. On analysis it was found the lady was unable to withstand the poverty and had committed suicide through a water heater electric shock. The bed on which her body was kept was also broken.  When Tom prepared the van to transit the body , children's sorrow reached skies as they hold the grave box. The husband was shell shocked at the incident. 

Jack who was noticing these incidents , went to the husband and try to console him. He took out the 20 dollar note which Tom had given it to him and kept inside the husband's shirt and asked him "Don't worry . God is present . He will help you - please take this and get some food for children". Tom was surprised looking at this and thought how a person who was helpless and attempting a suicide 30 minutes ago is now consoling others and inducing strength words. On the way back home Jack told Tom , "Shit , what a stupid I am. I was thinking my problems were impossible. After seeing the lady's family poverty - my problem is nothing". 

This short story teaches a very nice moral - Till the time we think about us and our problems , it seems like those problems are big and impossible to solve. Once we start seeing the social life around us , we start feeling that the problems we have are acceptable and solvable. When life is self-centric, problem facing may seem unacceptable to the mind, when life is Socio-centric it brings in realization about the problem with sharing and peace to the mind.

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