Stomach Ache Home remedy ManeMaddhu

Suffering from stomach ache and not able to enjoy your meal? In this post , we bring out few home remedy tips which you may try to get some relief. 

Home remedy

  • Add honey in lemon tea and have it twice a day
  • Take one teaspoon of lemon juice and mint juice, add a few drops of ginger juice and black salt. Drinking this mixture will cure stomach pain.
  • Extract some juice after grating a few pieces of ginger. Massaging this juice on tummy will give relief
  • Mix one teaspoon of ajwain , some lemon juice and a pinch of black salt in warm water and drink.
  • Drink lot of water. It will cleanse the body of toxins and guarantee better bowel movements.
  • Opt for healthier options like leafy vegetables or fruits
  • If you regularly suffer from stomach ache , go for a daily walk which makes digestive system healthier
  • Avoid processed foods like chocolates and dairy products
  • Avoid excessive intake of spicy foods
  • Avoid too much intake and stomach stress - keep your stomach max 80% filled.
  • Do not exercise or do more physical work after a heavy meal. Relax for 5-10 min after a meal.

Disclaimer :  Always seek advice of your physician or qualified health professionals before taking any new treatment This information is not a substitute for professional medical advise.