Patriotism , a short story Dhyan chand and Hitler

This is a real story which every Indian should feel proud of.

For us 15th August 1947 is a very important day, it was this day when our country was free from British rule after ruling for about 200 years. Excatly just about 11 years back from this date , an incident happend. An Indian soldier faced one of the world's terryfying commondo. On 15Aug 1936 , India was facing Germany in finals of Olympics Hockey in Berlin. Just before the match started , the team manager Pankaj Gupta , had brought in the National Congress flag in the dressing room. All Indian players saluted to it and sung Vande Mataram song and entered the field for the final game. Every german was having the confidence that Germany would win the game. Even Hitler himself had come to the venue to support his country men. 

After first half of the game , India was ahead of Germany with 1-0 goal lead. The ground conditions was not comfortable for Indian players. The ground staff had purposefully put more water on the ground before play. The shoes Indian players were wearing was having no spikes and were skidding on the grass turf. While the german players were equipped with latest shoes with spikes. Indian players were found skidding frequently during the game. Dhyanchand was the captain of Indian Team. He was finding very difficult to run on the turf using his shoes. Immediately he pulled off his shoes and started running in bare feet. His play was excellent, fast moves and brought in joy to the audience who witnessed it. At the end of the game , India won it by 8-1 goals and won gold medals.

Just before the match was getting over , Hitler had realized his team would lose and had quit the ground. Later he came back and asked Dhyanchand to meet him. Dhyanchand was little worried what this commondo may ask him about. Hitler starring at Dhyanchand shoes which was filled with dirt asked him - "What is your occupation?".  Dhyanchand replied - "I am in Indian Army". Hitler asked again - "What is your rank?". Dhyanchand replied - "I am a Lance leader". Hitler then said - "You come to Germany, I shall make you field Marshall." Dhyanchand who was took for a surprise for a while replied back "India is my country , I am good there".
Hitler then looked at Dhyanchand and replied "Whichever you feel better do that" and walked off.  

This is a short story of how an Indian soldier from his play skills had won the heart of one of the world's most terrifying person Hitler . Not only it shows how he won his heart , but also shows the Patriotism exposed.  This should bring in patriotism in every Indian who read this Story.

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