The Little scam - a short story

Ramaswamy - was very famous in the village. He was working as a high school head master. His words were respected among the people in the village. He was leading such a noble life , he never used to speak untruth , nor he used to do misdeeds and always had a  polite  & friendly loving character. He had 2 sons who were both intelligent. Both of them were educated well. One became an Engineer and  the other became a Manager. Later after 5 years both thought instead of being employed , why not they start their own business and provide job opportunities to others. They discussed this with their father Ramaswamy , who also agreed its a very good idea . He advised - "Sons , be careful - do good business , be honest and sincere towards your goal. Do not do any misdeeds in greed of more profits and affect your character". Both sons agreed and started the firm. They achieved good results for 2 years. But one day , Ramaswamy heard from one of his friend that there were some scams observed in his sons firm. He was very upset hearing this and wanted to collect feed backs from his sons. He called them and asked about the same. They replied - "Yes father , as you may be aware  in business it is very difficult to be honest at all times and some times we may have to adjust - there may be little scams - but you please don't worry about it". Ramaswamy went silent on hearing the same and thought to make his sons understand their mistake on this matter.

The next day there was a festival in the house. Ramaswamy had asked his wife to make sweet dishes on account of festival. While having lunch along with his sons he said - "Dear Sons , today is a festival. I have only asked your mother to prepare this special sweet dishes , It is made up of dry fuits , pure ghee and cow milk with kesar , see how mouth watering and scented it is. Please have it slowly . One thing - I have also mixed one item in it. It is a very small part of our dog's shit. It is very very less - and does not create any smell and you will not notice it. Please have your sweet dishes". The sons face showed reluctance to having the sweet dishes. Ramaswamy then said "What happened , the sweet is made up of very good items , only a very small part is having the shit. Please have it" . One of the son replied - "Father how can we have this , is there any limit like little shit or more shit you are talking about, isin't it still shit , how can we have it ?" . Ramaswamy immediately replied - "Son , similarly is there anything called little scam or big scam in business, Isin't a small cheat still a cheat ?" . Sons understood their mistake and took apologizes for the same.

Whether it is small or big , a cheat is like having shit business. If we say we will jump into a well only to little extent , what does that mean ? Once jumped, we have to reached the bottom of it. Once a mind decides to cheat , it continuous to make such decisions and adjustments leading finally to big scams. Awareness on the same is very important. Be good , do good. 

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