The confirmed path to Success - a short story

This is one of the stories of King Manu collected from the history of India myth which is summarized to a short story. Once king Manu went to a river shore to perform some rituals . While doing so , when he picked some water from the river he found a small fish in it. When he tried to put it back , the fish replied "Please Help me. I will help you some time later". Manu agreed and took it to his home , and left it in a big pot. The next day , the fish had expanded in size and had occupied the full pot. So Manu now left it in a small pond. Sooner it occupied the size of pond as well , then Manu left it in a sea. Even then it was ever growing and 
occupied that as well ! Then the fish replied "King Manu, in the next 100 years the world shall get demolished with a water flood. The whole world would get sunk in it. After some years , once water stops things would be normal. But the world should continue anyway isin't it ? Hence you may start constructing a big ship . In that you cultivate necessary living things like plants , pets , animal pairs , food which would suffice for at-least 10 years etc whichever may be required to start a fresh world. Now you may leave me in a ocean. I shall come back during the flood . I shall be having a big horn and shall carry your ship to a safe place to one of the highest peaks . Once the water level settles down , the birds , animals and the living species may start a new world altogether. " . King Manu agreed to this and left the fish in the ocean. The fish swum inside the ocean and disappeared.

After around 100 years , the fish's words came true and there was a heavy water flood. As promised , the fish came to King Manu , took the ship and progressed towards the highest mountain peaks. Once the water level settled down, the world started again from the  species stored. This is one of the amazing stories. On similar lines we find a story in Bible as well where Noah too had experienced this incident. 

Either King Manu or Noah would have not trusted the fish at the first instance. If they had not had the trust then the world would not have existed. When the fish swum inside the ocean , there was no rain not there was any flood. But still Manu decided to make the ship. Many people thought he was stupid and would have advised him to stop trying it. When he brought in every living specie and  cultivated it ,  many thought it may be a waste effort. many may have thought during signs of flood , who would sail this gigantic ship , is it really possible to be alive when such a thing happens and would have lost their lives also. But the dedication King Manu had , the commitment towards his set goal , the efforts and attempts he made to made it possible to start a new world.

This story teaches a very strong message - "Just like how our goals are important, our constant efforts to make it happen are also very important. Overcoming all negative thoughts of people around, their sayings , their suggestions - without fear one who does not give up in between and continuously believes in himself and gives his best to achieve it has definitely confirmed his path to success"

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