Top 5 qualities men or women look for

Apart from beauty , money and sex , this is one of the topics which vary from one person to another person purely based on their interest and nature. Based on the collective feed backs from our community polls , we share few consolidated points. Please comment your opinions which may help others to develop their qualities and find their desired match !!

Top 5 desirable qualities men look for in women

1) Caring nature for family

2) Charming
3) Self Dependent at times
4) Helping nature
5) A good listener

Top 5 desirable Qualities women look for in men

1) Caring Nature for them and the family
2) Humor which Keeps them smiling
3) Helping Nature
4) A gentle listener
5) Common sense

As we see , most of the qualities each desire is more or less the same. What do you think ? Share you opinions.