Kallahalli Srinivasa temple , Bangalore weekend destinations

While exploring interesting spots near Kanakapura Taluk , our team visited one of the interesting destination - Sri Srinivasa temple at Kalahalli , on the Bangalore - Kanakapura national highway also known as “SRI KSHETRA CHIKKA TIRUPATHI” also known as “VASISHTA MAHARSHI KSHETRA” - which is around 50 kms from the city center and about a 1 hour journey from Bangalore. In this post we share our visit experience. 

On the NH209 highway , there is an arch to mark the entry towards this temple. Once we enter this arch , there is a beautiful surrounding filled with coconut farms , lush green trees and hills at a fair view distance. From this spot , temple is at a km distance. Temple seemed to be in the midst of the Kallahalli village , surrounded by petty shops selling Pooja items. It was a hot sunny day and the temple stone paths were nearly burning the skin. Soon we entered the temple gopuram. There was not much rush and some poojas were being conducted with many devotees - which seemed to be "Srinivasa Kalyana pooja" (depicting the marriage of Lord Srinivasa) .  We entered the main shrine and at the first shot able to get the darshan of the Srinivasa Idol. It was a pleasure to watch the idol garnished with flowers and the place was calm for submitting the prayers. Temple seemed to be a very old at-least aging 200-300 years with stone pillars.  Overall a very nice spot to visit with your family and friends

Few interesting facts about this spot - referenced from their website kallahallisrinivasatemple.org . We have used the same content here with a view to share this useful information to many visitors.

The temple is famously known for its Monolithic Idol, which is just the same way in TIRUPATHI or BILIGIRI RANGA HILLS. We find both in TIRUPATHI and BR Hills the idol of the Lord is “KATI HASTHA DHAARI” which means the Lord is posing with this hand on his waist. But in KALLAHALLI , we can see the Lord as “GADHA DHAARI” which means , having Gadha in his hand.The most amazing thing to be noted is that tll these three idols have been made pois by the Tapas or the meditation of VASISHTA MAHARSHI & hence the name as “VASISHTA MAHARSHI KSHETRA.”

Few common things between tirumala temple and kallahalli temple

The first and foremost thing common is that the main temple has only the Lord’s idol and we do not find Srimahalakshmi idol near the Lord in both the places .
We find “NAVANEETHA KRISHNA” in both the places which is the idol of Sri Krishna holding the butter in the right hand .
Both the places consists of “SHADGUNYA YANTRA” that is the six corners which represents Lord’s six GUNAS or Qualities which are GNANA, AISHWARYA, SHAKTI , BALA , TEJAS and VEERYA.
One more important thing to note is that at the time of BRAHMA RATHOTHSAVA there will be a “MAHA MANGALARATHI” for the Lord before moving the chariot. At that pios time we can see the Kite taking a parikrama of the chariot once, even to this date.