Sri Guruvayurappan temple , Nettigere - Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team happened to visit Sri Guruvayurappan temple on the Bangalore - Kanakapura National Highway NH209 recently. In this post we bring out what we explored at this spot.

It was a sunny summer morning when our team left from Bangalore to explore few places in Kanakapura . They took the highway NH209 for their journey. After travelling for about an hour from Bangalore , at Nettigere - a small village , they noticed a way to Sri Guruvayurappan temple .

Sri GuruVayurappan Temple , Nettigere

Guruvayurappan is known to be another form of Lord Vishnu and is one of the main deity worshiped by Kerala Hindu community . Our team had visited the main temple in Guruvayoor near Thrissur, Kerala and were very curious to this temple in Karnataka also. Locating this temple is little tricky , if you are passing by the highway once you pass Edify institute , after passing few kms on the left there is a small board indicating Entry to Nettigere village, once we take this road , temple is just 200 mts away adjoining the Cauvery river pipeline road.

There was ample space for parking. Soon we entered inside the temple premises. We were greeted by a small park inside the temple and corridor space meant for lighting lamps / Deepa . The structure of the temple resembled typical Kerala style of construction. As per the tradition followed by this temple , men - should enter inside the temple wearing a dhoti & Shalya only and wearing normal dress is strictly not allowed. There are facilities at the temple where they provide Dhoti and Shalya at free cost. However no such restrictions for ladies ! Other lady devotees had wore traditional Sarees.

We too changed to Dhothi and Shalya - and entered inside the temple shrine. It was a very peaceful place with a light chanting of omkara and few devotees meditating. The Idol of Sri Guruvayurappan was visible straightaway inside the mantapam, where there were no electric lights and the idol was only visible through the oil lamps lit and was a great pleasure to watch. There are many types of poojas performed here. Interestingly , those who want to perform pooja themselves have to enter the details in receipt , put their contribution in the Hundi and handover the receipt to the priest. After taking the theertha , flower and Srigandha prasadam from priest , we got a chance to taste the Ksheera prasada outside the shrine. We changed back to our costumes and spent some time around the spot. There seemed to be some back waters / passages around this temple but all had dried up. Priests here are prolific in Malayalam , kannada and other regional languages.

This is one of the must visit spots near Bangalore to get a glimpse of Kerala style of temples , their culture and traditions. Temple is open between 05.30 AM to 11.30 AM and again at evening between 5.30 PM to 08 PM. Overall a nice spot to visit with your family and friends.

Do visit this spot and share your experience.