AnandaLingeshwara temple , Hebbal , Bangalore - ancient rock temple

In this post we cover our recent visit to one of the hilltop temples of Bengaluru , the Ananda Lingeshwara temple at Cholanayakanahalli,  Hebbal , R.T nagar - about 10kms from the city center towards north Bengaluru.

AnandaLingeshwara Temple - Elephant paint on rock

Our team came through Majestic route , took the Hyderabad national highway to enter Hebbal area. By mistake we proceeded further and had to take one round all over Tumkur road and Bhoopasandra main road to enter back to this Hebbal residential area due to the railway lines dividing the areas. Temple is about 1.5 kms from national highway. Roads are quite narrow , the temple area seem to have spread across 10-15 acres , fully surrounded with residential houses.

AnandaLingeshwara Temple - City view from top

AnandaLingeshwara Temple - KaalaBaireshwara cave

AnandaLingeshwara Temple - Park

AnandaLingeshwara Temple - rock

AnandaLingeshwara Temple -  Stairs

AnandaLingeshwara Temple - Entrance

Few Highlights of this temple

  • Believed to be existing since the period of cholas dating back to 13th century
  • Lord Shiva in the form of Ananda Linga is worshipped here . Other idols of Ganesha , Subramanya , Parvathi , Kaala Baireshwara are consecrated
  • Temple is on top of the small rock hill. Renovated in the year 2000.
  • A secret tunnel path which is believed to connect to Nandi Hills - although this path may be now closed in between due to recent city development works
  • Special poojas are conducted here during Shiva Rathri festival
  • Temple is open for devotees between 7 AM to 11.00 AM and in evening between 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM
  • A small park is provisioned for visitors to spend some time relaxing with the cool breeze flowing through the hill top.
There are around 50 to 75 stairs from bottom of the hill to reach the temple. This temple reminds us of Raagigudda rock temple which has similar construction.Do visit this spot and share your experience.