BBMP Khatha application / transfer form and Acknowledgement

In this post , we share a sample form of BBMP khatha application / transfer application form and acknowledgement - for the information of Bengalureans who are new to 'Khatha'

Many of us know what is Khatha and need of Khatha . We had also published an article in our blog on the same. Especially for a purchaser , there is lot of curiosity regarding how to apply for a khatha transfer to change the account from actual owner account to his/her new account.

In Kannada Khatha means an Account - and it really is a account. An account is created by the district authority for property owners and is used for maintaining and tracking Tax deposits and payments. In reality under Karnataka Municipality Council (KMC) rules there is no separate definition for Khatha - but for granting certain permissions for building & development activities it is required. It has the details of the property's owner , address/location , dimensions. It is a necessary document if one has to get a Bank Loan , to take licence for Electricity , Water , for resale etc. In Bengaluru , Khatha documents are maintained and tracked by BBMP.

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Sample application for Khatha registration or transfer is as below. One needs to buy this application in BBMP ward offices at a nominal charge of Rs.10 . Along with the application , khatha transfer fees of 2% of their registration stamp duty should be paid.

On submission or acceptance of your application , an acknowledgment is returned by BBMP official through a acknowledgement format as in below snap. Once the application is processed , within 3-4 weeks - one may apply for a khatha certificate.