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Aarthi Ukkadda Maaramma Ahalyadevi temple , Pandavapura

In this post we share our visit experience to Aarthi Ukkadda Maaramma Ahalyadevi temple , near Srirangapatna at Pandavapura about 100 kms from Bengaluru.

Our team were passing by the Bangalore - Mangalore highway ,  while having a chat on the way one of our friends mentioned about this temple . As it seemed nearby , we decided to visit by taking a diversion at Yediyur towards Pandavapura , Srirangapatna.

Aarthi Ukkadda Maaramma Ahalyadevi temple , Pandavapura 1

As we reached near the spot it was evening around 4 PM , crowd was less due to few COVID restrictions and we got the darshan very quickly.  Usually this temple is believed to be heavily crowded and especially during Tuesdays , Fridays , Sundays and during Amavasya.

Aarthi Ukkadda Maaramma Ahalyadevi temple , Pandavapura 2

It is believed this temple has a history of many decades , also recognized by the kings in this region during the 19th century.  The local deity Maaramma Ahalyadevi , a form of goddess Parvathi in Hinduism is worshiped here.

From the interaction we had with devotees , it is believed that those who offer pooja to the goddess here with true bhakthi are sure of getting rid of any evils from black magic or any thoughts of being affected by dristhi , a form of negative vibes of jealous unhealthy feel one forms when noticing others. One may remember our grandmothers and mother doing this using a salt in their fist and burning few sticks of broomstick. Those who have fear of any specific black magic against them visit here to perform specific poojas.

Aarthi Ukkadda Maaramma Ahalyadevi temple , Pandavapura 3

It is a belief procedure here to first visit the temple , take darshan of the main deity . Devotees are given a fistful of sesame (til) , (known as Yellu in kannada ) which they offer around the temple main sanctum and throw at the main idol , followed by breaking coconut and offering flowers. 

Aarthi Ukkadda Maaramma Ahalyadevi temple , Pandavapura 4

Aarthi Ukkadda Maaramma Ahalyadevi temple , Pandavapura 5

For those who want to perform a pooja to get rid of any bad drishti , volunteer priests at the location offer poojas where devotees break a egg , coconut and lemon . There is a small kalyani pond next to the temple , where devotees take bath / wash their legs before visiting the temple.

Overall a unique destination to visit with friends and family . Unless visiting for specific pooja , it is recommended to visit on Monday / Wednesday / Thursday when crowd is less and enjoy the darshan. There is ample parking space and roads to this destination are good. Do visit and share your experience.