Reasons why monsoon rainy season is better for home purchase

Those people who are tired by the fiery sun in summer eagerly anticipate to welcome rainy season . That does not mean there are no problems in rainy season . But many people are not aware why it is a good choice to make a home purchase decision during monsoon and rainy seasons . Once they are aware of these points , they will also prefer to buy at this time

Condition of Roads

Purchasing a house is a dream for almost everyone. One should pay careful attention to certain points and with due diligence proceed with purchase. One such check the condition of roads leading to the house. During monsoons , condition of roads such as patchy , pot holes , muddy or even road breakages can be tracked. In the vicinity are there any cases of rain water entering inside the residential houses , gutters overflowing and entering to houses may be checked. We have seen many such cases reported in media of various societies facing flooding situation during rains. After all the hard work , you don't want to end up spoiling your hard earned items and life during a rainfall. By reviewing these checks one may be more comfortable about the location , free from any such issues and decide wisely.

Visibility of Seepage , Clogging

Water Seepage which may occur due to irregular construction or plastering or painting may not be recognizable in summer conditions and all may look good . While in monsoon and rainy season it will be subjected to such extreme conditions and any seepage , improper painting works will show off which helps determine the quality of construction. A good builder always prioritizes quality over cost and takes care of such parameters during construction carefully. A visit to the site after a heavy rain over the week will help to review whether water stagnates in any of the corridors , open arrears , parking areas , balcony roofs and drains out properly without any blockages.

Top reasons why monsoon rainy season is better for home purchase

Discounted price

It is always a preferred choice for buyers to get a good discount during home purchase. As most of them go for housing loans , any discounts help to reduce the loan burden and money saving on loan interest payments. During monsoon season due to rain , road conditions many purchasers postpone their site visits waiting for a suitable time. Also in those months the number of auspicious dates are usually less for major events . There will be less inquiries and one can spend more time discussing in detail with the seller. Due to these factors demand for purchases naturally comes down which may force builders to negotiate the prices with further more discounts. Buyers can strike a better deal with good agreements during this time.

In which season have you bought your home and what are the challenges and benefits you faced . Do share your comments.