Devara Kanasu Kannada movie - trailer , songs

Devara Kanasu Kannada movie that has been selected for the Cannes Film Festival. The movie is directed by Suresh Lakkoor, who has done a film making course from New York Film Academy and an advanced diploma in acting from Barry John School of Acting. The movie stars Deepak, Amulya, Yuvraj Kini, Vijay Rakesh and Aarushi Vedikha in the lead roles. The movie is produced by C Jayakumar, C Shekhar and Suresh Lakkoor. The movie has music by Sandy Sandallow and cinematography by Ratnajit Roy.

If you are wondering why you should watch this movie, here are some reasons and lessons that you can expect from it:

  • A heartwarming and inspiring story: Devara Kanasu is a children’s film that tells the story of a village boy who dreams of becoming a pilot. He faces many challenges and hardships in his life, but never gives up on his passion. He meets a girl who supports him and encourages him to pursue his goal. The movie portrays the innocence, courage and determination of the child protagonist and his journey of fulfilling his dream.
  • A social message: Devara Kanasu is not just a movie for entertainment. It is also a movie that conveys a social message. It highlights the issues of Swachh Bharat, women empowerment, alcohol abuse and education in rural areas. It shows how these issues affect the lives of the people and how they can be overcome with awareness and action. The movie also showcases the culture and lifestyle of the village and the importance of preserving it.
  • A talented and dedicated cast: The movie features some of the talented and dedicated actors in the Kannada industry who have given their best for this movie. Deepak and Amulya, who play the child leads, are natural and expressive in their roles. They have undergone training in flying and acting for this movie. Yuvraj Kini, who plays the father of the boy, is a popular actor who has worked in movies like Kirik Party, Avane Srimannarayana and 777 Charlie. Vijay Rakesh, who plays the teacher of the boy, is a versatile actor who has worked in movies like Ugramm, KGF and Roberrt. Aarushi Vedikha, who plays the mother of the girl, is a beautiful and talented actress who has worked in movies like Love Mocktail 2 and 3 Peg.
  • A musical treat: The movie has some melodious and meaningful songs composed by Sandy Sandallow. The songs range from motivational to romantic to emotional and suit the mood of the movie. The lyrics by Lingaraj Itihasa are poetic and inspiring. The songs are sung by some of the renowned singers like Vijay Prakash, Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam and Anuradha Bhat.
  • A visual spectacle: The movie has been shot by Ratnajit Roy, who has captured the beauty of Karnataka in his camera. The movie showcases some scenic locations like Chintamani, Sakleshpur, Mangalore and Bangalore. The movie also has some amazing VFX and title animation by Sumanta Sarkar that add to the visual appeal of the movie.
  • A lesson in life: Devara Kanasu is not just a movie for entertainment. It is also a movie that teaches us some valuable lessons in life. It teaches us to follow our dreams, to overcome our obstacles, to support our loved ones, to respect our elders, to care for our environment and to be proud of our culture.
Devara Kanasu Kannada movie - trailer , songs

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