Nano Narayanappa Kannada movie songs

Nano Narayanappa is a Kannada movie directed by Kumaar L and stars Krishnaji Rao, popularly known as KGF Thatha, as the lead actor. The movie is a comedy-drama-romance that revolves around the life of Narayanappa, a junior artist who works in the film industry, and his wife Ningamma, who suffers from a brain-related disease. The movie showcases how Narayanappa struggles to arrange money for his wife's treatment and how he gets involved in a rice-pulling machine scam. The movie also highlights the love and hope that Narayanappa has for his wife and his honesty in the face of adversity.

Reasons to Watch Nano Narayanappa

- The movie is a sincere endeavour with a heart-touching plotline that explores the challenges faced by a junior artist and an elderly couple.
- The movie has a dash of comedy that lightens up the mood and balances the emotions in the story.
- The movie has a profound message about the importance of honesty and integrity in life, no matter what the circumstances are.
- The movie features Krishnaji Rao's debut as a lead actor and his last film before his demise. He delivers a compelling performance as Narayanappa and brings out his character's determination, resourcefulness and love for his wife.
- The movie has a natural feel and a realistic portrayal of the characters and their situations. The movie does not resort to melodrama or exaggeration to create an impact.

Lessons from Nano Narayanappa

- The movie teaches us to value our relationships and cherish our loved ones. It shows us how Narayanappa cares for his wife despite her memory loss and how he tries to make her happy by buying her a nano car and taking her on drives.
- The movie teaches us to be honest and ethical in our dealings. It shows us how Narayanappa refuses to be part of the scam even when he is offered a huge amount of money. He also exposes the scamsters and helps the police in nabbing them.
- The movie teaches us to be hopeful and optimistic in life. It shows us how Narayanappa does not lose hope for his wife's recovery and how he believes that miracles can happen. He also inspires others with his positive attitude and courage.

Nano Narayanappa is a movie that will touch your heart and make you laugh at the same time. It is a movie that will make you appreciate the simple joys of life and the power of honesty. It is a movie that you should not miss.

Nano Narayanappa Kannada movie songs

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