Hathya Kannada movie songs

If you are a fan of crime thrillers, you might want to check out the latest Kannada movie "Hathya", which is releasing at the end of this month. The movie is directed by Gangadhar (Gangu), who has been a producer and executive producer for many Kannada movies for the past three decades. He has also written the story and screenplay for some movies like "Tunturu" and "Neeru" starring Ramesh Aravind. "Hathya" is his debut as a director and he has also acted in the movie under the name Varun.

The movie is based on some horrific crimes that have happened in various parts of the country. The movie follows the investigation of a serial killer who cuts the bodies of his victims into pieces and dumps them in different locations. The movie promises to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with its suspenseful plot and unexpected twists.

The movie stars Vikas Gowda as the lead actor, who plays a cop who is assigned to catch the killer. He is joined by Komika Anchal, who plays his love interest and a journalist who helps him in his case. Komika Anchal is a Punjabi actress who is making her debut in Kannada cinema with this movie. She said that she liked the story and agreed to act in it. The movie also features Santosh Medappa, Soman, Varun and others in supporting roles.

The movie has music by Allen, who has composed some catchy songs for the movie. The cinematography is done by P.K.H Das, who has captured the dark and gritty mood of the movie with his camera work.


Hathya Kannada movie songs

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