Aaraairaaro Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Aaraairaaro, which means “a sweet melody” in Kannada, is a movie that tells a beautiful and touching story of love, friendship, and destiny. The movie, which released on September 22, 2023, is directed by Sandeep Shetty and stars Niriksha Shetty, Veena Kamath, Prasanna V Shetty, and Pinki Rani in lead roles.

The movie revolves around a young girl named Nisha (Niriksha Shetty), who is a singer and a music lover. She lives with her mother (Veena Kamath) and her best friend Nithya (Pinki Rani) in a small town. She dreams of becoming a famous singer someday and participates in various singing competitions. However, she faces many challenges and rejections from the music industry, which discourages her from pursuing her passion.

One day, she meets a boy named Arjun (Prasanna V Shetty), who is a photographer and a traveler. He is impressed by her voice and personality and offers to help her achieve her dream. He takes her to different places and introduces her to different genres of music. He also encourages her to express her emotions through her songs. He becomes her mentor, friend, and lover.

The movie shows how Nisha and Arjun’s relationship evolves over time and how they face various ups and downs in their journey. The movie also shows how Nisha’s mother and Nithya support her and how they deal with their own issues. The movie also has a surprising twist that reveals the true meaning of the title “Aaraairaaro”.

The movie is a musical romance that captures the essence of love and life. The director has done a commendable job of creating a realistic and relatable story that connects with the audience. The movie also features some melodious songs and soothing background music by Emil Mohammed that enhance the mood and feel of the movie.

The movie also boasts of some splendid performances by the actors, especially Niriksha Shetty, who plays the role of Nisha with grace and charm. She portrays the character’s innocence, talent, courage, and vulnerability with perfection. Prasanna V Shetty also delivers a decent performance as Arjun, who is supportive, adventurous, and mysterious. Veena Kamath, Pinki Rani, Jeeva Simon, and others also play their roles well.

The movie also has some messages to offer to the viewers. It shows how music can be a powerful medium to express one’s feelings and emotions. It also shows how love can inspire one to overcome any obstacle and achieve one’s dreams. It also shows how one should be grateful for what one has and not take anything for granted.

Aaraairaaro is a movie that deserves to be watched for its novel concept, engaging plot, and wonderful execution. It is a movie that will make you cry and smile at the same time. It is a movie that will touch your heart and soul till the very end.

Aaraairaaro Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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