Bun Tea Kannada movie review , songs , trailer

Bun Tea, which is a slang term for a cheap snack, is a Kannada movie that depicts the life and struggles of two siblings who live in a slum and dream of getting a better education. The movie, which released on September 22, 2023, is directed by Uday Kumar P S and stars Mourya, Murali Gundanna, Umesh Sakkarenad, and Tanmay R Shetty in lead roles

The movie revolves around Bunty (Mourya) and his younger brother Ashok (Tanmay R Shetty), who are orphaned and live with their uncle (Umesh Sakkarenad) and aunt (Sridevi J E) in a shabby hut. Bunty works as a newspaper boy and also attends a government school, where he is a bright student. Ashok, however, is unable to go to school due to lack of funds and documents. He spends his time playing with his friends and watching TV at a nearby shop. He is fascinated by the private school that he sees on his way to the shop, and wishes to join it someday.

One day, Bunty gets a chance to participate in a quiz competition that can win him a scholarship to study in the private school. He decides to take up the challenge and prepares for it with the help of his teacher (Murali Gundanna) and his friend Nisha (Nisha Yash Ram). However, he faces many difficulties and obstacles from his family, society, and fate. He also has to deal with the pressure of fulfilling his brother’s dream and his own ambition.

The movie is a realistic and touching drama that showcases the harsh reality of poverty and education in India. The director has done a remarkable job of portraying the plight and aspirations of the underprivileged children with honesty and sensitivity. The movie also features some humorous and emotional scenes that lighten up the mood and connect with the audience.

The movie also boasts of some excellent performances by the actors, especially Mourya, who plays the role of Bunty with maturity and sincerity. He portrays the character’s innocence, intelligence, courage, and determination with perfection. Tanmay R Shetty also delivers a cute and adorable performance as Ashok, who is the source of joy and hope for Bunty. Murali Gundanna, Umesh Sakkarenad, Sridevi J E, and Nisha Yash Ram also play their roles well.

The movie also has some messages to offer to the viewers. It shows how education can be a powerful tool to change one’s life and destiny. It also shows how one should never give up on one’s dreams and goals. It also shows how one should be grateful for what one has and not take anything for granted.

Bun Tea is a movie that deserves to be watched for its novel concept, engaging plot, and wonderful execution. It is a movie that will make you think and feel about the issues of poverty and education. It is a movie that will inspire you and motivate you till the very end.

Bun Tea Kannada movie review , songs , trailer
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