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Krranthiveera is a Kannada historical drama film directed by Aadat and starring Ajith Jayaraj, Jaanvi Jyothi, Pramod Shetty and others in the lead roles. The film is based on the life of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, a young revolutionary who raised an armed resistance against the British rule in India. The film is based on a story by Aadat, who also wrote the dialogues for the film.

The film depicts the journey of Bhagat Singh (Ajith Jayaraj) from his childhood to his martyrdom. The film shows how he was inspired by his uncle Ajit Singh (Victory Vasu), who was a leader of the Ghadar Party, and his father Kishan Singh (S.M. Joe Simon), who was a freedom fighter. The film also portrays his friendship with Sukhdev (Pramod Shetty), Rajguru (Surya Kiran) and Chandrashekhar Azad (V. Nagendra Prasad), who were his comrades in arms. The film highlights some of the major events in his life, such as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, the Lahore Conspiracy Case, the Kakori train robbery, the assembly bomb blast, the hunger strike and the execution.

The film has many reasons to watch it, such as:

  • The film showcases the director’s vision and passion for bringing the story of Bhagat Singh to the Kannada audience. The director has done extensive research on the historical facts and has tried to present them with authenticity and accuracy. The director has also used some creative liberties to dramatize some scenes and add some fictional elements to make the film more engaging and appealing
  • The film has excellent performances by the lead actors, especially Ajith Jayaraj and Pramod Shetty. Ajith Jayaraj portrays the role of Bhagat Singh with sincerity and conviction, showing his versatility as an actor. He brings out the emotions of passion, anger, determination and love with ease. Pramod Shetty impresses with his performance as Sukhdev, who is a loyal and brave friend of Bhagat Singh. He also displays his skills as an actor in different languages such as Hindi, Urdu and English. Jaanvi Jyothi also delivers a noteworthy performance as Mannewali (Bhagat Singh’s love interest), who is a strong-willed and independent woman who supports Bhagat Singh’s cause.

The film also teaches some valuable lessons to the viewers, such as:

  • The film shows that freedom is not a gift, but a right that has to be fought for. Bhagat Singh and his friends sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their country from the British oppression. They did not fear death or torture, but faced them with courage and dignity. They also inspired millions of Indians to join the freedom struggle and fight for their rights. They showed that freedom is not a privilege, but a duty.
  • The film shows that one should have a vision and a mission for their life. Bhagat Singh had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve for his country. He had a mission to liberate India from the British rule and establish a socialist republic. He also had a strategy to execute his plans and achieve his goals. He did not waste his time or energy on trivial matters, but focused on his vision and mission. He showed that one should have a purpose and a plan for their life.
  • The film shows that one should be ready to face any challenge or obstacle that comes in their way. Bhagat Singh faced many challenges and obstacles in his life, such as family opposition, police harassment, legal trials, imprisonment and death sentence. He did not give up or compromise on his principles or values, but faced them with confidence and resilience. He also overcame them with his intelligence and creativity. He showed that one should be prepared to face any difficulty or adversity that comes in their way.
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